Young Israelis that Travel the World and How to Meet Them – 3 great facts about young Israelis

Young Israelis

Over 60,000 young Israelis travel for six months around the world, after finishing their military service. They travel all around the world; young Israelis travel to Sound America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, South East Asia, and many other wonderful destinations. They usually save some money after their military service, take a little time off, and then go on an airplane and leave for 6 months (on average). You could meet them easily if you just download our hosting Israeli travelers app, which would connect between you and the young adults from the Jewish Middle Eastern country.

Our goal is to connect Israeli travelers and hosts all around the world. We have an app to do so, and we even publish a few basic words in Hebrew that might help you break the ice. Here are a few qualities that would help you understand a little bit more about the Israeli travelers that come to the world.

Some Details about Young Israelis

Most of Them Have been To the IDF

There’s mandatory military service in Isreal. Men have to serve two years and eight months, while women are required to serve for only two. The go through boot camp, professional training, and probably experienced some difficulty in their lives. Some of the travelers even went to infantry units or battling units and faced hazardous conditions in dangerous territories. Nevertheless, it’s completely fine to ask them about it in order to have a better understanding of their service.

young Israelis army
Israeli soldiers finish boot camp

Most of the Young Israelis Have Taken Extracurricular Programs

School is taking most of the young Israelis’ time, but there are a lot of extracurricular activities the state provides to the Israelis. Sports activities are very popular, but youth movements like the Scouts, Bnei Akiva, and HaNoar HaOved VeHaLomed are the most popular in Israel. That means that most of the Israeli travelers have different interests out of what’s usually being learned, and they have a broader mind and different hobbies.


Young Israelis that Travel the World and How to Meet Them - 3 great facts about young Israelis 1
Israeli Young Scouts in the Tzofim Farm, Pikiwiki website.


A Lol of Them Would Probably Go to University or College

After finishing traveling the world, young Israelis look for higher education options. If you look at the statistics, Israel is 3rd in the world in obtaining higher education, between the ages of 25-64. The only countries that beat Israel are Russia and Canada. 49% of Israelis have higher education and the industries in Israeli require currently a high number of engineers and programmers. In other words, the probability that the person in front of you will be a highly educated person in the future is high.

Young Israelis that Travel the World and How to Meet Them - 3 great facts about young Israelis 2
TEC Technology Center, Education and Cultural differences, from Pikiwiki Website

How Could We Meet Young Israelis?

There’s a very simple answer to it – Host them. You could host young Israelis in your home just by downloading our app. You could also host older Israeli travelers and even families if you have the room to do so. The app has many features and benefits:

  • A calendar where you could put down when you can or cannot host
  • You could see the profile of the travelers before they come to your home
  • You could put down your preferences and your house rules
  • Filling in the number of people you could host, and the number of rooms available.
  • You can charge money for the host, just like Airbnb, without paying anything to the app.
  • You don’t have to have a spare room. Some Israeli travelers would use the couch or park their campervan outside your home

Hosting Israeli Travelers Could Be The Connection You Were Always Looking for

It’s easy and fun to host young Israelis. They behave like adults are very mature. You should check out several posts from Israeli travelers that we have here where they describe their experiences.