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When you fill out your details below, you will be sent an offer to download an APP called YESH - Hosting Israeli Travelers.

Why Host Israeli travelers

Each year, after completing their mandatory military service, Israelis travel around the world. 
Israeli backpackers are typically more mature than the other backpackers. They’re open for new ideas and new experiences. They look for new people to talk about culture, religion, and where they should travel around your area.

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In fact, you’re here because you too are wondering if you can or could HOST Israeli travelers using the YESH APP. If you already do HOST, then the transition to the APP will make life so much easier for you and your guests from start to finish. When you register your interest in becoming a host, you will join thousands of HOSTS from all around the world who share their experiences all over social media and even have support groups! 

The YESH APP is designed to make travel as easy as possible for Israeli travelers to find and book a stay with you.

Why an App?

Chat before you meet

Chat with Guests before they arrive, with a built in messenger service.

Report Or Recommend

If you enjoyed your guests staying, let the other hosts in the network know with a review. And for anything else, simply let us know.


Fill in the dates you can and cannot host to ensure you don't get requests when you're not free to Host travelers.

take a look at profiles

All Israeli travelers undergo a verification process. Guests over 18 must fill in their profile to use the YESH APP. They write down as much information as they can about themselves so you'll know a little bit about them of your before you commit to having them stay.


Getting discrete alerts allows you to respond when you're free too.

accommodation Calendar, house Rules and Preferences

We have filters for the number of guests, availability, house rules and any preferences.

Why we HOST Israeli Travelers

Israeli Travelers

Many Israeli’s have recently completed compulsory military service, They don a backpack and then travel the world.

They’re a little older than typical backpackers and take this time to make sense of the world.

Enter: You!

You really are perfectly equipped as you are.

Do you have a spare room or bed, a place to park a camper van or tent?


It is no secret!

We have every desire to Bless Israel. And the best way we can do this is without any obligation, Regardless of our cultural differences, belief system and language, we can’t wait to honor and bless our guests with a gift of hospitality. 

stop Wondering if you ready and just contact us!

Join thousands of families that host Israeli travelers every year.

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