Wonderful New Things in YESH App

New Things in Yesh APP 32

After trying the new App and opening it up for anyone who wants it, we decided to make several adjustments that would make travellers and hosts excited just as much as we are. Well, here are the wonderful new things in YESH app – from the new features to bug fix.

We are working day and night about our projects, and one of the most recent ones is improving the app and make it more convenient for Israeli travellers and hosts. We fixed things that you told us needed to be fixed, and we even have a surprise for you.

YESH App is Now Free

After a short research, we found out that our app isn’t used as much as we expected. To be honest, the wave of COVID 19 dragged a big ban on travelling around the world. We got 10 orders a week, which weren’t enough. Therefore, we decided to work on some other projects and make the app free to use for every Israeli traveller that just needs a host. All that is needed is a short verification process.

The second reason we did it is to make it easier on the travellers. Most of the travellers didn’t plan to stay this long in New Zealand and have financial difficulties. We try to connect them with hosts so they would be able to save their money before they get home, even if it’s only 3$ per hospitality per person.

Big Map of The World

Several travellers approached me personally and told me that all the other hosting sites have maps and we should have one, too. When someone reports a problem, we reply with a solution. If you are a host or a traveller, you could see where you could be hosted all around the world. We don’t currently recruit as many hosts as we used to, but I promise you that if you’re in New Zealand, you’re pretty much covered.

New Things in Yesh APP 3

Calendar Collapsable and Bigger

If you don’t want to mess with the calendar at that moment, no worries! We added a feature that lets you collapse it and go back to it later, whenever it’s comfortable for you.

Caravans and Tents information

The details for caravans (some Israelis prefer sleeping in their self-contained vehicle) and tents are more clear and more specified.

Entire Personal Page Changed

Personal details are displayed differently now, The are more elaborate, and you could know more about the host you are visiting and the traveller that is visiting you.

New Things in Yesh APP

Bug Fixes

There were two main bugs in our app. One was logging in through Google or Facebook, and we managed to fix it. Everyone could log in through Facebook or Google. It doesn’t matter where they are; as long as you have reception or internet you could easily host Israeli travellers.

Another bug was the calendar; if you wanted to clear times that you could host and formally cancelled them, you could do that easily. We noticed that problem when we tried out all of our buttons, specifically when we tried to change the setting with one of our listings. That problem was solved.

The App is a Lot Faster

That’s right. When we started using the app, it was way too slow. After a lot of changes and saving code, we managed to make it work a lot faster; just for you.

Changes that will Come Further Down the Road

We plan on adding businesses on our app that would provide services for Israeli travellers. Moreover, our app is global; it means the moment this pandemic ends, we will recruit hosts around Europe, Asia, South Africa, American and in many other interesting and beautiful places.

Why Are we doing Wonderful New Things in YESH App?

Well; it’s pretty simple. We want to make your life easier, have safe travels or meet the most wonderful travellers the world could offer you. Have a great time!

By the way, if there are any more problems with the app,

Why don’t you log in to our Facebook page and tell us?