Traveling in New Zealand Day 3

traveling in New Zealand Day 3

I said goodbye to David, and hello to Ann, a new host on our network that has been hosting Israelis for years now. But right before that, I had the chance to fish with a couple of friends from Auckland, almost get into a fight with a Maori guy and have a nice conversation with a hitchhiker Israeli travelers. Here’s day 3, and most of day 4.

David’s farm in Whanganui was great. I had the rare opportunity to meet one of the kindest people in my life. By the way, David is a very hard working man and is currently working on a small Hobbiton on the farm.

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Fishing on the Whanganui Pier

Before I left, I went fishing with a new friend I met named Ben, an old friend from Auckland, Maya, and her boyfriend Noam. It was quite alright, and our bates were eaten by small fish. Nevertheless, we could catch anything, but meeting them was delightful. Maya and Noam just started to learn some English and even made a long poem involving the new words they have learned. I have to say that as an English teacher, they have made great use of the language, and even used some words that I wasn’t familiar with.

traveling day 3

Unfortunately, when we began to get out of there, a Maori guy started to talk to me about Israeli. He tried to accuse me of killing children, and we got into an argument where he wanted to fight me. I told him that I don’t want any trouble and I drove off. I didn’t want to use my martial arts on a random person. It made me appreciate the fact that there are some people that just love Israelis, and don’t care about what’s going on in the middle east.

Leaving David’s and Driving to Wellington

A traveler from Israeli needed a ride to Wellington, so he joined me. We pulled over on a second-hand shop, where I bought a big hat and some winter gloves for the South Island. We pulled over on the way and caught some KFC. As we pulled over to eat it, a bunch of chickens and three roosters surprised us and did the most unbelievable thing; they ate the crumbs. It really makes you wonder.

A guy over there tried to unsuccessfully run over some of them. I guess that some people are just impatient. I was more worried that the dude might run hit my car.

Nonsense discussions

We had a nice discussion on what’s the difference between a good night’s sleep, an OK night’s sleep, and a bad night’s sleep. If nothing interrupts you during the night, you have a good night’s sleep. If one thing interrupts you, you had an OK night’s sleep. If two things or more interrupted you, you had a bad night’s sleep.

Arriving at Ann’s place

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Ann wasn’t home, so I took the opportunity, went down to the beach, went to buy some charging cables, and to pack n’ save to buy some vegetables for shakshuka. I met Ann later, and we talked a little. She’s a very unusual person; very kind, very conversational, and a big believer. She’s been hosting Israeli travelers for years, and she told me about the people she hosted. She talked to me about her traveling to Israel, her divorce, and her long life dream to open her own hosting place. We also met her tenant, and a girl that’s she’s been taking care of.

Ann is amazing, and her passion to do good in this world is apparent. I like her a lot, with her quirks and her kindness. It’s really hard not to.