Traveling day 2 – Meeting Travelers in Whanganui

Traveling day 2

After I rested a little from my travels, I decided to take a track up the hill and watch David’s valley, meet some Israeli travelers, and have some Shakshuka with David. Here are the events from my traveling day 2. Let’s get into it, and enjoy some of Whanganui.

Yesterday I took the liberty and walked a little bit around David’s farm, made him and the travelers that stay in his house some shakshuka, watched a movie, and went into a very empty town.

When I arrived at David’s farm, I found chickens hanging around all over the place, some cows and even a little Hobbiton waiting for the right time to become an actual room. I did meet here several Israeli travelers, and I’ll write here a little bit about them.

Traveling day 2 2

Ido and Omri

I arrived here for two and a half months, after spending two weeks in Laos. We arrived here at the beginning of February and managed to travel the entire southern Island. We didn’t have much of a plan; we landed in Christchurch and started traveling. When the lockdown began, we had to make a rush decision and we went to Dave’s farm to spend the COVID 19 Pandemic. It was quite fun here; we were about 10 people the entire time, and we really got to know each other deeply. My dad is a Middle Eastern political scholar, and he gave David and us lessons about it. That was one of the best things that happened and gave us some sort of framework.

We did several tracks; one of them was the Keplar track and the other was the Manapouri. We took the Milford Sound ferry; it’s funny to talk about these activities because it feels so long ago. When we arrived at Wanaka, we went to Roy’s Peak. A lot of travelers wanted to go there on Sunrise, but we decided that we’ll just go up there. We found out that it was beautiful, even if it was a three hours climb. We reckon you should go there and check it out.

טראק הקפלר

Traveling Day 2 – The New People – Ully

I met an Austrian traveler named Ully down here. She took me on a short track that overlooked the valley and we talked a little bit. Ully, like me, is a former teacher. She taught Italian and Mathematics. It was a pleasure talking to her about her home, and she told me about her hometown.

She came from a holiday town in Austria, and she wants to move out of there when she comes back. Just like me, she felt like she needed a break from life back home as she plans to go back before the next year. I took the liberty and made Ully and David some Shakshuka, and we talked some more as David was busy talking to his family. I found her very nice; She left today to the Taranaki, but I know she’ll be coming to the southern island very soon. We’ll see what happens.

Traveling day 2 - Meeting Travelers in Whanganui 1


What I Plan Next

Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Wellington to meet Ana, another Yesh Host. I’ll stay there for the night just before I’m going down to the south island. I already booked a ferry, and I just can’t wait.

I got several phone calls last night about high schools in Israel. One orthodox school contacted me last night about starting to teach next year in Israel. I got another job offer from Tamar high school in Hod Hasharon. Well, let’s see how the flight will be going during that time. Let’s home that everything would turn out just fine.