Traveler’s Thoughts about Coronavirus

traveler's thoughts about coronavirus

What do travelers think about when you talk to them about the Covid 19? Hi, my name is Dror, I’m an Israeli traveler, and here’s what I’m worried about the moment. Here are my traveler’s thoughts about Coronavirus.

First of all, I’m worried about my parents.

Well, this outbreak is very troubling. 25 thousand people sick in Italy, over 150k all over the world (to this day). The people that take the most damage are adults over 60 and senior citizens. My dad is 71 and isn’t in a good physical condition as it is. My mom is a 63 years old working and high energy lady. I live in New Zealand, and they’re on the other side of the world. What would happen if I’m not there to take care of them if they get ill?

What’s going to happen to my job?

One of my professions is a salsa instructor and DJ. All the salsa clubs have canceled they’re activities for the time and it’s hurting my income. Moreover, I’m working for a traveling company – the first and foremost losing industry during these times. Nobody travels anywhere and nobody goes anywhere. Lucky for me, my brother came up and asked me to write some content for him.

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The News

The two reasons I like watching the news are to be informed and to learn a little more about the local culture, but sometimes the news can be a little bit too much. During our days, the news became more of an action/drama TV show than real life; the news anchors and reporters stress us out with no reason. Constant updates about any new case; changing the sets to be redder and speaking faster. I try to gather good quality information that helps me plan myself better.

I try to listen to the restrictions and not to the stress that comes with them. It’s like sports commentators; most of them just say things to make people react to them. They don’t emphasize the facts. They emphasize the drama.

What Am I Doing

I’m trying to get another joy that takes the time the salsa did. I’m talking to my family at home all the time and I’m taking my time to take care of myself. My working place is still up and running so I still go to work. I managed to meet a nice girl; hopefully, I find some time to really date her a little before everything shuts down (if it shuts down, and that’s a real “if” and not a “when”).

This Isn’t the End of the World

There were many plagues during the history of humankind. The black plague killed thirty to sixty percent of Europe’s population. The Spanish Flue killed up to fifty million people and we survived it, too. The stress you’re feeling at the moment isn’t based on facts, it’s based on the panic you see around you from people that like to panic.

I’m a little bit worried about my family, especially my older family, but I know faith will take them whenever it wants, and I’m fine with it. My thoughts and prayers are with them but I know there’s not really anything I can do for them. Lucky for them, the odds of something happening to them are slim to nonexistent.

Common Traveler’s Thoughts about Coronavirus

Some travelers think they need to go home as soon as possible. Dear travelers, relax. Take a deep breath, meditate if you’re still not calmed and think about what’s the reasonable thing to do. Hosts, if you have a place where travelers can be Isolated easy, contact us here. You can call us or send us a Whatsapp wherever you are. These are my thoughts about this whole situation; what are your traveler’s thoughts about Coronavirus?