10 Great Things to do in Netanya and in the Sharon Area

Things to do in Netanya

We might not be aware of it, but Israel has more cities you should visit in. One of them is Netanya, and its surrounding area is just astonishing. There are many places you could visit; markets, beaches, creeks, and find several nice restaurants. Here is the best advice a local could give you about things to do in Netanya and in the Sharon area in Israel, just 20 minutes north from Tel Aviv.

One of the smallest countries in the world has an amazing area you could easily enjoy. The suburban area around Tel Aviv has quite a lot of benefits that not a lot of travelers even know of. The authentic food, the amazing beaches and the nice agriculture you could see if you just take a day or two to enjoy a different Israeli area.

The Beaches

One of the biggest benefits of Israel is the beach. Gordon beach in Tel Aviv is quite alright, but you could travel a little north to find really nice beaches that could give you a little privacy. Arsuf beach is a great opportunity for it, but don’t go too north of it due to the training grounds. Mikhmoret is great, too. When it’s summer, you better go there on weekdays and not during summer.

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Agriculture and food in the Surrounding Area

Emek Hefer, Lev Hasharon, and Hof Hasharon have plenty of kibbutzim and moshavim; in these places, you could find great places where you could enjoy a quiet breakfast or a fancy dinner. Ezri’s cafe is a small coffee house in Givat Haim, that offers the best coffee in the area. Hanamaro in Beit Itzhak serves far eastern food, and you even find Mexican food in Pardesya called Rock&Stein. You could visit the Alexander creek resort and check the water reservoir of Mishmar Hasharon.

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Alexander Creek, Dr, Avishay Taicher, Pikiwiki Website

Things to do in Netanya all week long

Netanya has a lot of things going during the week. It has the old market down in the city center and a market that’s call Ramle Lod on Tuesdays and Fridays. Right next to them you could find a culinary authentic feast; Abu Mosa’s Falafel, Uzi’s Hummus, a Georgian restaurant, and several restaurants that serve Northern African food. Don’t expect good customer service because you won’t get one, but you’ll enjoy the feast. Netanya has a long beach; divided into several sections; Poleg, Lagoon, Sironit, Four Seasons, and Ein Hatchelet (check out for religious people in the area).

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Netanya Market, Dr. Avishay Taicher, Pikiwiki Website

There are several nice nighttime activities in the area. The Atzmaot square has a fair during the summer that includes activities; even social dance lessons and sometimes Israeli folk dances. The pubs in the city are open until the last customer, so you could easily find a place where you could eat and drink. You don’t have to go to Tel Aviv in order to find something to do at night; you could have fun in Netanya, too.

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Iris Atropurpurea, Shlomo Avny, Pikiwiki Webstie

Shows and Concerts

There are many bars and clubs in the entire area where you could enjoy good musical shows. The Laganski pub has several performances every week, the Berale music club in Lehavot Haviva has many great shows. You could check them out and enjoy authentic Israeli music.

The Big Cities Don’t Are the Most Touristic; the Smaller Cities Provide You a More Authentic Experience

Everybody in Israel speaks English, so you could talk to anyone. Enjoy your time in Israel and find places you could visit, not just Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, or Be’er Sheva. There are plenty of things to do all over the county; it’s filled with a special environment that couldn’t be duplicated anywhere. It’s the combination between east and west, and you get to enjoy the most of it.

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Hodaya Benizri, Pikiwiki Website