The Calendar in the Yesh app

The Calendar in the Yesh app 1

The Calendar in the Yesh app is packed with fantastic features to ensure you have trouble-free hosting.

As a family man, a business owner with church and ministry commitments, my schedule is terribly busy. Although hosting Israeli travelers is also a priority, when I can’t host. I need to be able to make our home unavailable.


During the peak of the season, I can get multiple requests and it’s great to know that the app is doing the scheduling for me.

Let’s explore these features.

The Calendar in the Yesh app 2
The Calendar in the Yesh app 3

When one guest is leaving or there is a spare bed, I can either allow that bed to be filled or let the app know that we are not taking any more bookings.

Number of guestsThe Calendar in the Yesh app 4

The number you allow is the maximum number of guests per night. In this example, we can allow two guests.

If one guest is booked. We are at 50% occupancy and can either allow one more guest to stay or we could change the calendar in the Yesh app to show as fully booked.

You will get an alert asking you as soon as you get a booking asking if you want to show if you are fully booked or not.

Guest preferences

The Calendar in the Yesh app 5

We’ve been by hosts if we could add a feature allowing them to choose the marital status and gender of hosts as safety and personal beliefs are important to them. This means you can select females only or no unmarried couples in the same room.

In fact, if you only wanted females only, males couldn’t book and stay in your home.

Break from hosting

The Calendar in the Yesh app 6

Do make sure you keep your calendar up to date. You can block out dates for up to 12 months.

It might seem a little complicated at first but first, select the start date of your intended break, then each day until the end date.

In the top right section, you could block out the entire month with one button.

The Calendar in the Yesh app 7

In the above example, you can see each weekend day is a lighter color. This will mean guests can not book these days.

Emergency cancelations

This can be terribly traumatic for you as a host as well as a guest who has planned a stay. If something comes up, please cancel your booking or email us at or call us on +64 21 026 16956. We can then assist the traveler to find another place to stay. you could also contact us on our Facebook page and we’ll help you as fast as we can.

The Calendar in the Yesh app 8

Remember you can also contact the traveler through the messenger feature on the app, and let them know that you cannot host them for the particular night.