Surprising things you might not know about Israel

Who would have thought that one of the most historic cities in the world would be so technologically advanced? What I bet you didn’t know, is that the ancient city of Jerusalem is home, not only to the Western Wall, but it’s also the first city in the world to be completely covered by Wi-Fi.

If there wasn’t enough buzz in the air, the busiest bird migration goes through Israel, with 500 million birds, from 550 species flying over the country twice a year. Hula Valley is a popular destination where travelers visit to see the birds each year.

With all the birds in the air, it is surprising that Tel Aviv is known as one of the top vegan capitals of the world. Vegan or vegetarian residents make up 8.8% of the Tel Aviv population, which is a high number compared to most leading Western cities. The city is also home to 40 vegan, 44 vegetarian and 171 “veg-friendly” restaurants.