6 great things to do Near the Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Some people travel to the sea of Galilee without really knowing how many attractions we could find around it. Here are 10 things to do near the Sea of Galilee.

Visit the Local Churches

There are several Catholic and Protestant Churches in the area. One of them is the Church of the Multiplication (known as the Chruch of Loaves and Fish), which lies in the northwest shore, 5 minutes away from Tiberias. It was established in 350 AD, over 1,600 years ago. Another one is the Church of the Primacy of Saint Peter; where Peter reinstated as the chief of the apostles by Jesus. It’s located right next to Capernaum. The Church of Beatitudes is really near the lake so as the Monastery of the Holy Apostles. Their architecture is amazing to watch and we could learn a lot about Biblical history from these churches.

The Church of Beatitudes

Track and Travel – Mount Arbel and The Lower Golan Heights

The mount Arbel tracks aren’t very long; the longest one is 13 km and can be done in a day or less. It starts from Karnei Hitim and ends in Hamam and has a beautiful view of the Galilee. Make sure you ask the Tiberias Travel Information for a map of the course. This is not a difficult track; just make sure you bring enough water and sunscreen. The Israeli sun is hot and you should be ready for it.

There are many great water tracks – Jehudia and Jilabon river. There are some small pools in those rivers so feel free to jump in (not from a high rock before checking the depth of the pool). Most of these courses are pretty easy for travelers and you could meet a lot of Israelis during summer (July, August).

There are countless tracks in the Golan and the Galil that you could enjoy. There’s the Golan path that takes 5 days and is 120 km long. There’s a park conservation department in Israel and you could ask them which paths suit you and your needs.

Sea of Galilee 2

Go to the Beach

There are several beaches around the sea of Galilee. Golan and Labnon beach on the east, Gofra and Tse’elon right above them, Tiberias beach, Ginosar, Tamar and many others. You shouldn’t go to some of these beaches in July, August and during the Passover holiday because they will be packed, unpleasant and even expensive. Make sure to ask a local about where to go so you could have a nice time.

One of the Beaches has a water park in it. It’s called Guy Water Park and has many fun slides. It’s a well-known water park in Israel and hosts many families on the holidays.

sea of galilee 1

Have Nice Marine Activities

You could go fishing in the lake, go on a nice short cruise, water skiing, rafting in the Jordanian river and countless other activities. The weather in Israel is hot so Israeli people just love the water, especially freshwater resources.

Go on a Razor or Jeep

There are many companies around the Galilee that give you 4×4 tours. You could also rent a Razor and reach places that are difficult to reach on foot. The instructors will usually make you a delicious Israeli tea or coffee; some have sunrise or sunset tours which makes the experience unforgettable and the Sea of Galilee more beautiful.

6 great things to do Near the Sea of Galilee 1

Go to Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader has hot water springs and spa pools that are well known for their positive effects on the skin. There are some remains of an old synagogue from the 6th century. Other than that, They have many other interesting activities – they grow alligators and many poultry animals.

6 great things to do Near the Sea of Galilee 2

Sea of Galilee – Many Things to Do

The place where Jesus walked on water offers many attractions of beautiful Israel. Most of the travelers come to the area in the summer and the holidays. Make sure you don’t go during Israeli holiday; that would make the experience a lot harder on you and very busy.

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