Post-COVID travel to NZ high on the list for Israelis

Post-COVID travel to NZ high on the list for Israelis 1

How are people feeling about travel in a post-COVID world? 

The coronavirus pandemic wasn’t like other great worldwide tragedies. The deadly problem quietly made its way around the world, devastating individuals, families, business and countries as it grew into a global health crisis.and as the reality of the situation moved from just another news story, too completely taking over the world.

The wound inflicted by the pandemic on the travel industry is deep, and it hasn’t stopped bleeding yet.

Whilst countries closed borders, bookings for travel ceased, accommodation providers suddenly dried up and we were all quarantined on a mass. The travel industry, as well as most other sectors, began to nosedive. The collective effort to save lives meant economic catastrophe for an industry that profits from people leaving their houses.

Our thoughts are just as the 911 attacks changed the aviation sector, we changed comfortably to a new norm and so will we do so for the post Covid-19 pandemic. Much will change but we will adapt and again, as we’ve done before adapt to a new norm.

The travel industry will bounce back. Despite the virus still lingering, countries are opening up their boarders, airlines are reinstating routes and passengers are booking flights.

It will come as no surprise that globally, people’s confidence to travel internationally has plunged – but it appears Israeli’s are the most interested in jumping on a flight when the world opens up.

Here is where you are vitally important to catering to the expected demand.

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Post-COVID travel to NZ high on the list for Israelis 2
Post-COVID travel to NZ high on the list for Israelis 3