Staying in a Lockdown for Israeli Traveler in New Zealand

Israeli Traveler in New Zealand

It’s day number 5 in the New Zealand lockdown. I found myself staying with a retired lady, in a nice house in Hamilton. Many thoughts come to mind; if I should go back home or stay here and beat the virus. Well, here are some of my thought about being in lockdown for Israeli traveler in New Zealand.

How bad is it?

Lucky for me, I can be a home person as much as I’m a traveler, so I don’t mind staying at home. I have plenty of work to do on my computer; being a writer brings you something to do wherever you are. There is always something you can write about; the changing weather, your opinion about the news or just about a series that everyone told you to watch but you could never find the time to watch it.

Being in lockdown gives you time to work on your own abilities and make certain progress in your life. There’s a famous saying: “When you can’t go outside, go inside”. We conduct so much research on the vast universe that’s sometimes out of our reach and we don’t understand that there’s a whole universe deep inside our thoughts.

The News

Staying in a Lockdown for Israeli Traveler in New Zealand 1

Israeli television has 24/7 news reports. Lucky for us, the increased the news reports in New Zealand but they haven’t made it so stressful. People aren’t stressed out here and they don’t go crazy over groceries; mostly because the government keeps on saying that there’s nothing to worry about. Moreover, they limited the number of specific items you can buy when visiting the supermarket so there’ll be enough toilet paper for everyone.

Personal advice – don’t check the news all the time. Check once a day tops. It’ll stress you out for nothing. When you watch it, try to refer to the facts and not to generalizations that were written to make you upset.

Reports of breaking self Isolation

Over 4000 reported on they’re neighbors that they were breaching self-isolation. The local civilians understand the need to self-isolating as a security measure, but some of them have a “no worries” approach to life. They think nothing is going to get them and they won’t be sick. That’s why it took New Zealand such a long time adjusting to the Covid 19 and not understanding that this is going to get into the country and spread, just like in most of the countries worldwide.

The Right People

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Being in a lockdown is very hard for active playful people. Nevertheless, you need to choose carefully who’s going to the lockdown with you. I would recommend that you stay with people that are your real friends. There are a few categories for that:

  • If you tell them the bad news, they will listen to you (J. Peterson).
  • If you tell them the good news, they will celebrate them with you (J. Peterson).
  • They put you in the best spot to succeed.
  • People that you like and learn from.

It’s really hard to find a good friend who is also an Israeli traveler in New Zealand but if you make the right friend you trip would be great.

Be Patient, Don’t Hurry

The Israeli government is arranging flights back to Israel for New Zealand travelers. Most of the travelers have decided (or their parents decided for them) to go back to Israel. Several other travelers and I decided not to leave until this thing goes away, and it will. We made that decision knowing that there’s no safety and no one is going to rescue us if things deteriorate here. I believe that for every situation, there are more than two options; working here is another option nobody even considered.

An Israeli Traveler in New Zealand Has Better Options than Other Travel Destinations

Lucky for us, we’re stuck in the most beautiful country in the world. The people here are nice, the weather is great (at the moment) and we’re having a wonderful time. I would rather be sick here than being sick in my home country. Some of the Israeli travelers in New Zealand think the same and some are rushing back home. I hope you understand that I’m writing my own personal opinion and not forcing you to stay or leave; this is a decision you have to make with yourselves.

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