Tips About How to Live in a Tent

live in a tent

Many travelers decide they want to sleep in tents for a variety of reasons. Some want to save money instead of paying for a hostel. Others just want to enjoy the fresh air this option provides them. Here are several tips on how to live in a tent in a way you could still have a good time and not much trouble.

How will I choose a tent?

That depends on several variables.

The number of people that are going to stay in that tent

If you’re doing this as a group or as a family, space is crucial. Make sure there’s room for everybody in it at least for sleeping.

The place that tent is going to be located

In some places, camouflage is better. Sometimes the tent might be on a different ground; snow, dirt or grass. That means the tent you assemble should be built from different materials.

The utilities you want it to supply you

Some people like to have everything in their tent. There several kinds of tents that have kitchens, several bedrooms, a living room, and even a designated bathroom. If you’re going on a track, you might not want to have a big tent on your back with all of these utilities. On the other hand, if you stay in a certain place for several nights maybe something like this could suit you.

Traveling quite often? Don’t work so hard

There are many pop up tents that you could use that would make your life easier.

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Camping Sites

There many options for places to lay your tent. Here are several of them.

Paid Campsite

In this area, you could rent a (usually) grassy spot and build your tent on it. These kinds of campsites usually offer bathrooms, kitchen, showers and sometimes even electricity. Some of the campsites are in the middle of a track so you might not get good showers and a proper kitchen.

Free Campsites

There are many campsites that you could stay for free. There are applications that can show them to you easily like Wikicamps, Campermate and a lot more. There are campsites that are open all year long and next to an attraction you might want to visit. Make sure there are all the necessary utilities in that campsite; you might need to take care of your own sleeping needs. You could also talk to a local and ask him to stay in his backyard and work for him in return.

Where Should I Put Up the Tent in the Campsite?

  • In a place where you could enjoy some privacy
  • Not in a riverbank or a slope – plain tall protected area is preferable.
  • Next to a fire pit or a place you could put a fire pit, if possible.
  • On soft and not sandy land (soft but not too soft).

More Tips About How to Live in a Tent

  • Make sure you eat well; vegetables, milk and meat tent to root so make sure everything is cooled and you could eat well.
  • A safe distance from the toilet (from obvious reasons).
  • Well organized and separated.
  • Mattress for you back. Every kind of mattress is better than sleeping on the ground

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If You’re Planning a Long Term Stay in Your Tent You Can Be Creative

Think about it – you’re going to stay here for a long time; people that live in a tent don’t see it as the end of the world. Some of them quite like it. You could grow some vegetables, set up a shower, make up a kitchen, bring some chairs and sit outside, putting up a tarp to avoid the rain, pull a string between two trees and dry your laundry. There are countless options for living in a tent; Why don’t you make the best of it?

If you want to host travelers at your home but the only thing you have to offer is your back yard, it’s alright. You could still host them using our app. You could also check out our other traveling tips here.