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Hosting Israeli Travelers is One Click Away

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Easy to Use App for Hosts and Israeli Travelers a Like


Accommodation, Calendar, House Rules and Preferences

We have filters for the number of guests, availability, house rules and any additional preferences that might help you decide if you’re willing to host Israeli travelers or not.

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Make your Schedule

Going for a holiday? Hosting family members? Fill in the dates you can and cannot host to ensure you don’t get requests when you’re not free to host Israeli travelers.



Getting discrete alerts allows you to respond when you’re free. If there’s a traveler that’s looking for a place to stay; a notification will be sent to your phone.

 You will be notified when the app is updated and has new features.

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Take a look at their profile

All Israeli travelers undergo a verification process. Guests over 18 must fill in their profile to use the YESH APP. They write down as much information as they can about themselves so you’ll know a little bit about them before you commit to having them stay in your home.


Chat before you meet

Chat with Guests before they arrive, with a built in messenger service. Sometimes you need the further details and you can get them this way.

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Recommend or Report

If you enjoyed your guests staying, let the other hosts in the network know with a review. If you enjoyed staying in with the host, you’re most invited to tell us. If you have any issues, you’re more than invited to contact us or fill in the review. 

What do people think about Yesh?

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Had the best experience with my host. Planning to spend two days, ended up staying for five. Thank you Pam!

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Linoy and Aya came to us after a long hike in Milford track. They ended up stuck in Milford Sound and they came to us to recover. We had the most wonderful time, they were well rested and well on their way.

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Jade and Alex

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We’re hosting for 5 years now and the Yesh app made it a lot easier. We don’t get calls from travelers at times we can’t really host.