Israelis and Panama

Since the creation of the world-famous Panama Canal in 1914, Panama has been at the heart of international shipping, serving as a connection point between the Pacific and the Caribbean.

In recent years, Panama has also become a major tourist destination as flights from the US have become increasingly cheap and more Americans begin to retire here (it’s also a big center for international banking).

Most travelers visit Panama either at the end or the beginning of their journey through Central America here and stick to the well-worn tourist trail of Bocas del Toro, Boquete, the San Blas islands, and Panama City but if you head to some of the lesser-known destinations you’ll be rewarded with better food, amazing scenery free of tourists, and lower prices.

This guide to traveling Panama can help you plan the perfect trip there without breaking the bank!

Top 5 things to do in Panama

1. Visit the Panama Canal

Opened in 1914, the Panama Canal is 50 miles long and raises ships up from the Pacific to the Caribbean. The Miraflores Locks are the easiest to reach from Panama City. Admission is $20 USD, and this includes the exhibitions at the visitor center, and seeing the ships pass

2. Chill in Bocas del Toro

Israelis and Panama 1
Bocas is Panama’s most popular backpacker destination, combining a laid-back Caribbean attitude with the pristine natural setting of jungles, forests, and mangroves. Surfing is extremely popular here and there are always water taxis to take you to a secluded coves and beaches.

3. Oh sweet Boquete

Israelis and Panama 2
Boquete is a village located in the mountainous region of the Chiriquí Highlands. There are several coffee plantations nearby, the ‘Mi Jardin es Su Jardin’ private garden, and several hiking trails of varying difficulty

4. What about San blas Islands

Israelis and Panama 3
This collection of islands is a popular spot for sailing and boat tours, though there are about a dozen resorts (starting at $100 USD per night) in case you want to be in one place. The islands are very rustic (no Wi-Fi and limited electricity). A 4-5-day sailing trip costs between $425-520 USD

5. Israelis love of Coffee

Israelis and Panama 4
Panama is up there with Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica when it comes to quality coffee. Consider visiting a plantation in Boquete for the best tours. Most tours cost around $30 USD.

Hosting Israelis in Panama

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