Israeli Travelers’ Food

Israeli Travellers food

Traveling to a foreign country is not that easy; one of the things that I have been asked repeatedly by hosts is, “Did you have dinner?”. Usually, I make my own food, but sometimes hosts are being so lovely and invite you for dinner. I decided that I’ll do something else; every time I reached a host, I tried my best to make some dinner. Most of the time, I made some Shakshuka, but other options could fit just right in as an Israeli meal. Here are some of the most popular choices for Israeli travelers’ food.

What do you know about Israeli food? Some of you have some idea. Well, there are several things Israeli travelers like to make when they’re on the road. Here are several examples of Israeli travelers’ food that you might want to prepare for the Israeli travelers visiting in your home.


My personal favourite. This dish is not a very complicated task to make; just have some tomatoes, capsicums, eggs, special spices and enjoy yourselves. That’s probably the easiest meal to make – takes about 30 minutes if you can work fast. If you ever go and visit Israel, you’ll find plenty of places serving this meal in a different manner. We publish our recipe of Shakshuka right here on our website.

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This typical Middle Eastern food takes a while, but worth it. You take chickpeas and put them in water for a day. You cook them for an hour and a half with baking soda, peel them and mash them with some salt, lemon and tahini. You serve it with some olive oil, paprika and basil. You can eat it with warm pita bread and enjoy every bit.

If you ask 10 Israelis about the best hummus in Israel, you will get 11 different answers. This dish is so simple, and you could find it practically everywhere in the Middle East.

Chicken Schnitzel

The combination of chicken breasts and bread crumbs could be even better than KFC (which isn’t Kosher). Wrap them, fry them and serve them. Very simple and it’s very delicious. The three other ingredients are spices, olive oil and eggs. Chicken Schnitzel is not originally a Middle Eastern food; its origins go all the way to Germany, and it was brought to Israel by Ashkenazi Jews.

Restaurants serve Chicken Schnitzel in various places in Israel. It’s also sold in food trucks and in local food markets.



I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most Israelis are in good shape, especially Israeli travelers that usually hike in the countries they visit. Israelis don’t consume bread as much as other western cultures, and they would prefer having homemade couscous. This type of food can be mostly found in Magrabi homes (Jews that came from North Africa).

If you ever make couscous for an Israeli traveler, you should combine a sweet watery sauce, mixed with Middle Eastern spices and local vegetables. This will bring an excellent combination of welcoming travelers and introducing them to your own culture.

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Israeli Travelers’ Food doesn’t have to be Israeli.

We wrote some information about Israeli travelers here. They leave Israel to see new things, have great experiences and change the way they perceive the world. The best way to host Israeli travelers is by giving them an excellent authentic experience; fishing, hunting and eating local food.

Introducing Israeli travelers to local customs, combining some traditions from Israel (if you know them) would be the best. They are in your world, just as much as you are in theirs.

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