6 Israeli Travelers Customs

Israeli Travelers Customs

We meet Israeli travelers anywhere. Sometimes we don’t really understand why are they doing what they’re doing and why. Well, you’ll understand some of them by just reading this. Here are funny Israeli travelers customs that would make us appreciate their presence in our home.

Staying up but not making a fuzz? Laughing with one another but being polite? There are some Israeli travelers customs that make us love Israeli travelers and really enjoy hosting Israeli travelers. We know that young Israelis go through different experiences in their lives.

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Slang words aren’t in Hebrew

Israeli people speak Hebrew, but they use many Arabic slang words. They also use English words in they’re language quite ofter. The common use of slang actually makes them know some Arabic; some of them learn some Arabic in junior high and high school.

If you’re a stranger, you’re their brother. If you’re their close friend, you’re a bastard

Israelis usually don’t take things personally. Israeli humor is not politically correct, and when they really feel comfortable with each other, they might tease them. On the other hand, when they meet you, they will be very nice and loving. One of the most common Israeli terms is “bro”.

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Israelis speak and laugh Louder

There’s a joke about Israelis; they would prefer to yell “Hi” to one another from the other side of the street than actually meet with one another. They would sometimes look for you by yelling towards you, but they aren’t trying to be rude. They are just used to higher volumes.

So many references

Israelis watched Israeli comedy shows since we were small children. When we talk to one another, we can speak in references and you might not know what we are talking about. Moreover, when Israeli travelers meet, they will try references and ask about the comedy show.

Where are you from?

Israel is such a small place and Israelis are interested in origins. For most of our lives, we have learned that there is an importance in your past. They will ask you where were you originally from, and have some interesting questions about your past and your family. They do it with each other all the time.

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Army jokes and stories

Most of the Israeli travelers have been to the IDF and served their country. Ask the travelers if they have any funny stories from the army. They will have plenty of them.

Hosting Israeli Travelers Will Make You Familiar with More Israeli Customs

There are great things that make Israeli travelers great to host. They are responsible, making great food, open to new ideas, and are happy to travel to your country. You could host them easily, by just using an easy to use App.