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Taking Off the Uniform - Going to The World - Israeli Travelers Story - Bara'am Family 1

After 3 years of mandatory service, more than 40,000 Israeli soldiers leave Israel and travel abroad. Here are the stories of 3 Israeli soldiers from 1 family that traveled on 3 different continents. Some of them were long back, some are quite recent. You’re more than invited to share your Israeli traveler story with us.

Barak, 31

I served as an officer in the Infantry. Right before the service, I graduated with honors 3 years in Military school that promotes leadership, as most of its students become military officers and commanders. After finishing my basic training, I went straight to sergeant school. After sergeant school, I became a sergeant team leader. Four months later, the IDF sent me to officers training camp. After officer school, I was made a platoon lieutenant in boot camp. After having some medical complications, I was in charge of operations for a reserves soldier division. That job was quite rough because most of the soldiers were only drafted once a year for two weeks. That role was my last in the IDF as I went to travel to Asia, starting with India.

India was quite different. My friends and I landed in New Delhi after two flights. We found our way around but the smell was different and there was a lot of chaos. The moment we landed in New Delhi was the moment we decided we want to travel to a rural area as fast as possible. The next day, we took a bus outside of the city. We went to Nepal to hike the Anapurna, India to the Kangri, Thailand for the beaches and the amazing forests, Singapore in order to connect to the Western world and right back to India.

I didn’t tell my parents that I was coming back. I didn’t tell anybody. My mom was very surprised and I stopped my little brother during his Heroes III game. My hair grew long and thick, my body was thinner and my mind was in a different place. I understood that life could be poles apart from the things I got used to in the army. Ever since then, I’ve traveled in Japan, America, Georgia and some parts of Europe, too. Today, I work as a programmer and I finished a bachelor’s degree in industrial and management engineering.

Israeli Traveler story


Saar, 27

Hello, I’m Saar and I served as a tank driver in the IDF. Most of the IDF combat soldiers serve for three years but I served for six – three during the day and three during the night. I can fall asleep anywhere and anytime in the funniest positions imaginable. After finishing my eight months of basic training, I served in the platoon for two years and four months. I served in Gaza, Jordanian border, Syrian border, and Lebanon border; fortunately, I wasn’t hurt during my service.

After I finished the Army I went on traveling to South America. I started in Argentina, moved to Chile, then to Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru. I hiked Patagonia (Land of fire, Argentina) and Huayhuash, danced in the Carnaval (Salvador) and even saw the Amazons Rain forest. I traveled with a friend of mine from the IDF. I met many more friends in South America that I still talk to these days. South America was amazing; it showed me that the world is amazing. Once in awhile, my wife and I visit and travel in Europe for at least a week.

Today, I’m a manager and owner of a media publishing company. I help lawyers, travel agencies, hotel networks, colleges and many other small and big businesses get more costumers. As a courtesy to my brother and as a former backpacker, I advise my brother about the Yesh! app constantly. I write and manage a basketball blog website called Post Up and I coach a junior high basketball team.

Israeli Traveler story

Dror, 27

Hi! I’m Dror and I write these posts and blogs. As a soldier, I served in the Iron Dome and in the Arrow weapon system which is used to defend from rockets in the Gaza strip, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran. I started as a private in the launching crew; our job was to locate and relocate Iron Dome launchers and guard them. Later on, I switched to the Arrow weapon system and took the sergeant course. My main job became a training NCO and I still go back to the army as a reserve.

After finishing my Bachelor’s degree in English education, I traveled through Thailand and Australia. I took a diving course in Kho Tau and continued on a road trip in Australia starting in Sydney, going up to Cairns, driving through the outback to Melbourne, going to Adelaide and then back to Sydney. During my travels, I dove in the Great Barrier Reef, took the Great Ocean Road and hiked in Wilson’s Promontory.

I’m currently staying in Hamilton, New Zealand and I travel the North Island during the weekends. I taught English in Junior high, worked as a digital marketing expert and managed a dancing school. Started in last December, I work as a content writer and digital marketing expert for Yesh! and other businesses and apps. After work, I DJ in Latin music clubs and teach salsa. I love to hear different aspects of life, talk about the psychological and sociological elements of religions, dance and travel the world. I invite you to enjoy my content; there’s a great use to it for travelers and hosts.

Israeli Traveler story
Great Barrier Reef Dive

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As you can see, Israeli travelers’ stories are variant. 3 brothers went to most common destinations for Israeli travelers in the world; South and Southeast Asia, South America and Oceania. We have many experiences to share with you and so do many other Israeli travelers. If you want to host Israeli travelers, just sign up and we’ll send you the app. If you want to share your Israeli traveler story, It will probably be published right here.


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