Israeli Traveler in New Zealand – COVID 19 level 2

Israeli traveler in New Zealand

As an Israeli traveler in New Zealand, I appreciate the time that I had to work on myself in lockdown. During level 4 and level 3 stages of quarantine, I acquired new habits and released some of my bad old habits. Here are some of the bad habits and the good habits that I was able to quire during the lockdown and maybe you could try them in your own lives.

The lockdown made me a more healthy and more thinking person. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep these habits as I’m going away to travel the southern island in this following month. I plan to visit some of our hosts and make sure that they would join our hosting network. Here is another chapter in the story of an Israeli traveler in New Zealand.

Good Habits Added

Make my Bed

A lot of army officers talk about why is it important to clean your bed. It’s the first success you have of the day and makes you start the day on the right foot.

Workout Every Morning

I start my day with pushups, pull-ups, abs workout, and squats. That really meaks my blood flow to the entire body first thing in the morning, and I really enjoy it. This routine in the past two months made me gain a few pounds (my weight goes up only when I work out) and my body feels great.

Write All Day

My twin brother, Saar, gave me a lot of work to do on his website. I wrote more than 26,000 words on a variety of subjects, but mostly on digital marketing. Moreover, I made sure posts are published on a daily basis on social media and on our own Yesh website. I reckon I wrote over 50,000 words during the lockdown for small businesses. I also started the Jordan Peterson self-authoring program which made me realize a lot of things about my past and plan a future for myself.

Meditate in the Evening

Every night before bedtime, I meditate between 20 – 30 minutes. It makes me understand what’s bothering me, and increase my ability to focus on when I do my assignments. There are several techniques of meditating; I suggest you find the one that fits you best, but really empties your mind from thought. This habit really makes me appreciate science and my own privacy.

Israeli traveler in New Zealand 2

Bad Habits out the Window

Stopped Smoking

It’s been 2 months since my last cigarette. I decided that I’ll do that because every time I stopped smoking because it’s a really health-damaging and expensive habit. I feel like my lungs are recovering, my throat stopped acing and I saved some money. That was an amazing experience that I recommend everyone on doing.

Stop Delaying Assignments

There’s a famous saying; “why would you delay your work for tomorrow when you can delay it for the day after tomorrow?”. I decided to stop saying that to myself, and take care of things as fast as I can. Making my bed is one of them.

Keep Drinking to a Minimum

I used to spend my weekends with several friends of mine in Auckland. When I was hanging out with them, I always had a bottle of beer in my hand. During the entire lockdown, I didn’t have one drink, and my mind has been changing for the best. The meditations made the need to drink (and smoke) fade away; almost to the fullest.

My Lesson as an Israeli Traveler in New Zealand

This trip isn’t just a chance to see a beautiful world, it’s also a reason to get away from the one we left behind for a while. Israeli travelers had the time in the lockdown to get away from home and use it to clean their minds, even if it’s with a host.