Israeli Tourists – Several Kinds of Israeli Tourists

israeli tourists

There several kinds of Israeli tourists. We mostly meet backpackers but just like any society, they differ in their interest and the reasons they travel.

The Israeli Traveler – After Army travels

Tens of thousands of Israelis travel abroad after their military service. Usually, they travel to South and Central America, South Asia (India, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines) and Oceania. Some of them lately started traveling Africa and West Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan), too. They just put on a big backpack and go travel the world. Most of them do it for six months but it could go either way (a year or just four or three months).

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Israeli Tourists around Europe

During the summer Israelis love to travel to Europe for a week or two; sometimes just several days. London for shopping, Berlin for parties, Italy for food and many other European destinations. Israel is very close to Europe making the flights very cheap. So every once in awhile Israelis like to take the edge off for a short bit and they are off for a nice holiday in European countries.

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Israeli Tourists in America and Canada

The United States is a very popular destination for Israelis due to its relationship with Israel. There’s a big Jewish community in America that makes Israeli tourists, especially orthodox, keep Sabbath and eat kosher food with ease. There are many American Jews that come to visit Israel, too; the Jewish agency sponsor trips to the Holy Land, especially for youngsters (college students and people ages 22-26). Sometimes they meet Israelis that are in the IDF and college student (Its called Taglit).

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Israeli Tourists – Summary

Israeli society is very pluralistic in everything, especially in traveling. Some of the Israelis travel with their entire family and enjoy the best bonding experience. After their trips, Israeli Tourists share their experiences of traveling the world, and Israelis talk about the people and the places they saw. Today, the amount of travelers is just going up and people enjoy the variety of experiences this wonderful world has to offer.

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