Israeli Backpacker Reputation

Israeli Backpacker Reputation

Let’s learn a little bit about the Israeli backpacker; what do people think about him and what kind of people you bumped into (but probably not) when you host Israeli backpackers. Here’s the Israeli backpacker reputation in a few bullet points from a current Israeli backpacker.

Israeli Traveler Reputation 2

We Are Honest

Israeli backpackers would say what they feel or what they think about a certain manner if you ask them. We don’t like to lie, and we believe in truth and honesty. Nevertheless, don’t let that intimidate you. It’s OK to disagree about something; we can still be friends. We come from a pluralist country with a lot of opinions. We will learn yours, too.

Israeli Backpackers are everywhere

It just seems like it. Technically, we travel a lot after our military service, but we aren’t everywhere. Finnish and American (USA) travelers travel the most. Some of us make a hell lot of noise, but maybe it’s about our presence and confidence. We also have a custom of calling our friends from far away, so that might explain it.  We’re used to yelling at one another from further distances because we couldn’t move from our guarding post.

Israeli travelers are older than other travelers

Israeli travelers are usually older than other travelers; we start traveling when we are at least 21 after mandatory army service. Some of us even go on a big trip after finishing a college bachelor’s degree. We love the long holidays.

Israeli Backpackers make a mass

Unfortunately, Israelis do make a mess – but only in Israel. Most of the Israeli travelers are different than the common Israeli and they adjust to the common rules of the place they stay in. Israeli travelers do care about the environment and places they visit. Sometimes they even do a lot more than they are being asked for just to be nice and polite. We care about our host countries and we thank them for letting us in.

Israeli Backpackers love to party

Partially true. Israeli backpackers’ reputation is filled with crazy dance parties, festivals, and fun. Nevertheless, we don’t drink much and don’t get drunk. We have fun because we live in the moment and make the best of the situation we’re in.

I heard about an Israeli guy that someone tried to rob him at a party. He threw his shorts on him and continued to dance. Never let a silly robber get you and ruin your day.

Israeli Backpacker know how to make Israeli food

It’s true. Israeli street food is easy to make for everyone. It’s also very delicious; Shakshuka or good hummus could be very tasty and very special in your kitchen. If Israeli backpackers ask how could they help to make dinner, they mean it. Tell them what to do.

Israeli Traveler Reputation

Israeli Backpacker Reputation – Summary

In every great herd, there’s a black sheep. There’s a story about an Israeli traveler that allegedly lighted a fire in a Chilean wooded area that caused a major fire. There’s a story about Israelis organizing parties in Peru. Don’t let them fool you.

There are many good stories about Israeli travelers, you just need to find them. We are nice, open, polite and respectful. Our straight on communication is could be very alarming but our hearts are warm and our love is free. If you host us, you’ll have a nice story forever.

What do you think about Israeli backpackers? Did you have a good experience with them?


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