8 Typical Israeli Backpacker Jobs

Israeli Backpacker Job

When Israeli backpackers travel around the world, they sometimes need some financial help and get jobs. These Israelis have working holiday visas, and they prepared just for this moment. Moreover, some governments offer visa extensions for people that take jobs in hospitality and farming located in rural places. Here are some examples of Israeli backpacker jobs.

Need a hand on your farm? Maybe a security guard? of just a salesperson? Well, I know a lot of Israelis that do a verity of jobs. Here are the most common Israeli Backpacksjobs in Australia and New Zealand.

Types of Israeli Backpacker Jobs

Working on a Farm

A lot of Israeli travellers come from Moshavim and Kibbutzim around the country. The main source of income in those settlement comes from agriculture. It means that the travellers that come to the Australia and New Zealand area are great in Farming. I knew several Israelis that worked in dairy farms (which are very common in Israel), fruit and vegetable farms and gardening. Israeli travellers are probably more experienced in that area than other travellers, but we will let you judge for yourselves.

Israeli Backpacker Job 2222
Israeli Backpacker Job 2


Some Israelis would tell you that they can sell ice to Eskimos. In reality, some of the Israelis are really good salespeople. America and Europe are filled with Israelis that sell products from the Dead Sea. Some the Israeli salesmen are located right here in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. If you need a positive insight on your business that would jump up your sales rate, hire an Israeli.

Security Guards

Most of the Israeli travellers have been to the Israeli Defence Forces. It means that they know how to use a gun and have various insights about securing your assents. A lot of Israelis work as security guards in Jewish schools all around the world, to keep the local Jewish community safe from anti-Semitic acts against them. Some of them can do great security jobs for local businesses and shopping malls.

Construction and Renovation

There are always construction and Renovation jobs available in big cities around the world. Most of the local community doesn’t want to do it because it’s too much hard work. There are plenty of contractors in Syndey and Melbourne that just look for good construction works. Lucky for them, Israeli travellers can do hard works, and I met plenty of Israeli travellers that even got sponsorship for their talents.

Israeli Backpacker Job 222
Israeli Backpacker Job 222

Baristas, Cooks and Restaurant Employees

The one thing that we love the most here in YESH is Israeli food. Lucky for us, we have an Israeli on our staff that makes us some of it. Other Israelis can make great Israeli food, too and can be great cooks. Moreover, the coffee culture in Israel is very developed, so you might hire a baker and barista to your cafe. Some of the Israelis that I have met were also waiters and waitresses, hosts and well, did pretty much of everything.

Israeli Backpacker Job 22
Israeli Backpacker Job 22


Well, I can say that I met maybe 5 Israelis in my life that work in hospitality. Nevertheless, I believe that there are plenty of more Israelis that work in hospitalities all around the world. Some of them are receptionists but most of them were handymen.

Bars and Hangouts

If Israelis don’t find a place to work in these industries, they would go to work in bars. That’s not the ideal choice, not for them and sometimes, not for us, but it could be very fun. They tend to meet local people, blend in and party a lot.


Some Israeli travellers stay with families and take care of their house and assist in taking care of children. Some of them do it just for covering their own cost of living.

Israeli Backpacker Job 22222
Israeli Backpacker Job 22222

How do I contact Israeli travellers for jobs?

Lucky for you, we can do it for you. If you still want to do it by yourself, you can just write down on Facebook:

Yesh – Travellers and Hosts

And you’ll get to a group of Israeli travellers and hosts that might help you find the perfect employee.


Have a great search!