Israel Neighboring Countries 

Israel Neighboring countries 2

Israel’s neighboring countries made quite a reputation for themselves. We’re going to talk about the 4 main neighboring countries and the other ones that are very close to it. Israel neighboring countries – some important information.


Lebanon is a country lies north from Israel. It has its own government its technically controlled by Hezbollah, a Shia Islamic organization. The biggest religion in Lebanon is Christianity but they aren’t in power in and they’re very overwhelmed by the massive Islamic population. The government was very cooperative with Israel but they’re not in power anymore. Lebanon had several wars involving Israel; starting with the Independence war of 1948 getting to 2006 Second Lebanon War.

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Syria lies northeast to the Israeli border. It has its own problems; the Syrian Civil War is raging from March 2011 till present days. Israel and Syria are still enemies and occasionally bomb each other. Syria and Israel have been battling from the day Israel was declared as a country till present days. Secret operations, rockets to Israel, wars, and battles are very familiar between the countries.

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Syrian Civil War


The Jordanian Kingdom lies in the eastern part of the Jordanian river bank; The East bank. Most of its population is Palestinian and it is currently in peace with Israel. One of the most well known prime ministers of Israel, Itzhak Rabin, made the peace agreement with the Jordanians; giving them many important resources (mostly water).  Despite the former bad wars between the countries, the Jordanian army has units on the Temple Mountain and cooperates with the IDF constantly.

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Petra, Jordan


Egypt – Israel relations are very interesting. Israel – Egypt peace treaty was signed in 1979 after very tiring 31 years of on and off wars. Ever since then, the countries cooperate in fighting terrorist organizations. The Sinai peninsula has some ISIS activity and sometimes Hammas penetrates in there, but the Egyptian army fights them. They want to keep good relations with Israel and they do; tens of thousands of Israelis visit the southern Sinai peninsula every year.

Israel Neighboring Countries  2

 Other Israel Neighboring Countries

Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey have their presence in the Middle East. Some Middle East commentators claim that the borders aren’t important anymore. The religion and the big powers like Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are the ones in control of Iraq and Syria. Some people majored in Middle Eastern relations; their opinions about the conflicts is very interesting and worth listening to.

Israel was attacked several times by these countries. Want to know how often?

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