Israel Continent

Israel Continent

Israel isn’t a continent. People mostly think that Israel is a part of Europe but that’s not true. Others feel that Israel is a part of Africa but that’s not true either. In a matter of fact, Israel is a part of Asia. That brings up other questions to be answered – why does Israeli participate in European competitions?

 Israel is a part of Asia

During the 50’s and 60’s Israeli participated in the Asia football (soccer) cup. Israel even won the one in 1964. In a matter of fact, Israeli stopped participating in Asia and moved to Europe football cup because it was too dangerous for the staff.

Israel Continent
Ramat Gan Stadium, Israel

There Were Times That Israel Was A Part of Africa, Too

After the six days war in 1967, Israel took over the Golan Heights, the West Bank and most of the Sinai Peninsula. The West Bank and the Golan Heights are a part of Asia, but the Sinai Peninsula is a part of Africa which made Israel a two continental state – Africa and Asia (Turkey is a two continental state, too; it’s in Asia and in Europe just like Russia).

Peace Agreement with Egypt

In 1979, Israel had a permanent peace treaty with Egypt. In that agreement, Israel gave the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt, which brought back Israel to one continental state. Israeli travelers visit the Sinai Peninsula quite often, mostly the southern part of it.

Israel Continent
Trench Digging in Gan Shmuel during the Six Days War

Present Days

Today, Israel is officially a part of Asia, but practically a part of Europe. Israel participates only in European and global sports competitions and cultural events. Israel is banned from many Arab countries but some Israeli athletes do compete there. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes sure that they are secured and vouch for their entrance.

Israel Continent – Summary

Don’t be mistaken – Israel is a part of Asia and the Middle East. Due to wars and bad foreign relationships with the Arab neighboring countries, Israel decided to have their affairs mostly in Europe.


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