Israel 12 Tribes

Israel 12 Tribes

Israel, who was also known as Jacob, had twelve sons. The 12 sons had children of their own and they created the 12 tribes of Israel. We’re going to write a little bit about Israel 12 tribes, their mothers and a little bit about them.

Reuben – The first-born in The 12 Tribes of Israel

The oldest son of Jacob and Leah. Reuben was in charge of Joseph’s safety but he couldn’t prevent the actions of his brothers; they exiled Joseph and sold him to slavery. The flag of his tribe is Mandrakes – a middle eastern fruit. Reuben tricked Bilhah, Jacob’s slave and the mother of two of his brothers, to sleep with him. As a result, Jacob took Reuben’s rights as a firstborn son and gave them to Yoseph.


Another son of Leah. He was mentioned in the Bible as the one who took vengeance on the people of Shechem (Nablus) for the rape of his sister. Shimon and Levi massacred all of the men in the city and captivating the women and children. He threw Joseph to the hole and was chosen by him to stay in Egypt.


The father of the Levi tribe. Every Jewish person you know that has the last name of Levi or Cohen (priest) is from the same tribe. He was the grandfather of Moses and the most devoted son of Jacob.


Judah is the father of the Jewish people. He prevented the death of Joseph and offered to sell him to slavery instead of killing him. Judah, through Peretz son of Tamar, was one of the fathers of David and Shlomo. Judah and Yoseph had a special bond – because of Judah Yoseph forgave his brothers for selling him to slavery and scouted Egypt for places they could stay in.


Farmer and land worker. He is a symbol of mental toughness and strength. He was also a slave of his brothers. The Issachar Zebulun agreement was invented back then; It allowed rich wealthy people to donate money for a smart Torah student and share the blessing.


Anther son of Leah. He was a sea trader. The two tribes of Zebulun and Issachar supplied services for one another: praying and worshiping by Issachar provided by Zebulun.


One of Bilhah’s sons. Jacob blessed Dan and his tribe with military and army talents. “Dan” means “Judge” in Hebrew and his tribe was destined to fight against other tribes in Canaan.


The second and last of Bilhah’s sons. Jacob blessed him with athletic abilities and beauty. Asher and Naftali’s grave are located in Kadesh Naftali; right in Israel.


Zilpa, Leah’s slave was his mother and his name also means luck. Jacob blessed him with companies – every time that he’ll be attacked, people would join him to stop the attack. Moses blessed the Gad tribe, too; they were the guards of the 12 tribes.


The last of Zilpa’s sons. Jacob blessed him with big estates and properties.


Second of Rachel’s sons. He never sinned in his life and was the only son that was born on the land of Canaan. His mom died at his birth and was blessed with great hunting abilities. He shall eat in the morning and share the loot in the evening.

Menashe and Efraim (Joseph)

Menashe and Efraim were actually Yoseph’s son. Their mother, Osnat, was an Egyptian woman that was given to Yoseph. They were given two separate territories because Joseph was given the eldest brother privilege by Jacob. It was taken away from Reuben after the Bilhah story.

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Israel 12 Tribes – Summary

Israeli tribes are a thing of the past. Several hundred of them live in Israel and are called Samaritans. Nevertheless, the Judah and Levi tribes do still exist; they are the Jewish people.  closer than we think.

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