Isolation for an Israeli Traveler – Day 9

Israeli Traveler 14

It has been a rough week and a half. Nevertheless, one of the best advice you could have during a lockdown is to contact the people you miss. As an Israeli traveler that had good social life back in Israel, I contacted some of my friends back home and talked to them via Whatsapp. Here are the findings.

Apparently My Former (and Current Friend) Salsa Manager Friend is Going to Have Another Baby

I have a friend called Tamir that manages a salsa studio in the city of Petah Tiqva. Unfortunately, all of the dancing activities have stopped quite early. Social dancing is one of the highly risked activities for the contraction of the virus, therefore forbidden. In the meantime, he just chills at home, playing on his video games and helps his wife.

I found out that he’s having his second baby. His wife is 3 months pregnant and they didn’t want everyone to know too soon. She can work from home, so in the meantime, they are managing themselves quite well.

Israeli Traveler 20
DJing in the salsa club in Israel

Everlasting Birthday Party for Asbet

Another friend of mine from college named Roy is an English teacher for Junior High. He is currently at home with his wife and only son, doing private tutoring from his living room computer. He described staying at home as an everlasting birthday party for his child, as they try to find a way to occupy him 24/7. They have learned how to play games for children twice his age and running out of ideas.

Did Someone Say PUBG?

Most of my friends just try to pass the time in video gaming. I used to love it a lot myself, till my computer couldn’t handle it very much longer. The game they play the most is PUBG – online multiplayer battle royale game like the old DOOM, Counter-Strike or Fortnite. Every game takes 20-30 minutes and you can play in groups of 4.

My Brother, Saar

Saar is a digital marketing specialist. Right now, he focuses on blog posts and home videos for his business. He asked me if I could write articles for him which I do. More than 5000 words are written for him in 6 hours of work; we are trying to make him number one.

Israeli Traveler 16
Saar escorting me to the flight to New Zealand

My Parents

My mom has already asked me to come back home, which I intend to do at some point (probably August). She works as a hostel manager for The Association and Well Being of IDF Soldiers. Her job is considered essential; meaning she can travel around between hostels and checking up what they need.

My dad is retired and he didn’t ask me to come back home (yet). He is in a high-risk group for the COVID 19 so he doesn’t really go anywhere but the grocery store. Fortunately, the manager knows him personally and lets him in before they actually open the branch, so he could finish doing everything when the first customer comes in.

Israeli Traveler 15
My Mom and I

My Commitments to The Israeli Travelers

I wasn’t just contacting my relatives and friends. As I’m sitting here, I made contact with over a hundred travelers stranded in New Zealand or Australia without a place to stay. I heard some of they’re stories; how they were caught by the shutdown in different parts of the country. One of them even came back from a Vipassana seminar and didn’t quite understand what’s going on (no contact with the outside world during the seminar).

Our App wasn’t ready yet, so Don and I decided to find pull some strings and find them a place to stay. Thousands of phone calls lead to sleeping arrangements for the vast majority of the Israeli travelers that called us.

If you want to help some travelers who are stranded in New Zealand or Australia, please contact us.

Don +64 210 261 6956 (Moblie and Whatsapp) – English

Dror +64 277 788 851 (Mobile) or +972 54 818 7846 (Whatsapp) – Hebrew and English.