How to Host Israeli Travelers?

How to Host Israeli Travelers? 1

So you’re about to host Israeli travelers. First of all, you’re not alone, we’ve all been there. In fact, there is only one first! You’re bound to keep in contact for a proportion of their journey and probably long after too.
The great thing is, your guests are often keen to find out about you and generally are excellent communicators even though it may take a little bit to adjust your ear to their accent. Here are several tips that would help us feel more comfortable with this wonderful idea of hosting Israeli travelers.

Talk to the Israeli Travelers

The first thing is, to let your guests bring their bags inside, show them where everything is and don’t forget to let them know where the toilet is. It goes without saying, having coffee together is an international sign for “we are friends”. At this point, the more you would know about each other the more comfortable you will feel around each other. Hopefully, you had a quick read of their profiles to get some information about them that will be a great conversation starter. Ask about their trip so far. You may find out they’ve traveled far and may need to rest.  We uploaded several articles about the geography of Israel, religions and much more that might help you.

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Share a Local Advice

Travelers would love some local knowledge about the area around you. May we remind you, they are backpackers and they want to experience things.  Give them the best advice you can about traveling in your area. If It’s a lake, walk or just fun thing to do in your area, just spill the beans.

Understanding House Rules

Although Guests have to accept House Rules before contacting you. We suggest having them printed out and sitting on their bed. You may even include where to park vehicles, the Wifi password, grocery store, and a few local attractions. I’ve always let guests know if they have found the Welcome letter on their bed and if they have any questions. A great example of a House rule is recycling. Systems change from country to country. Israel doesn’t have separate garbage cans, only big containers in their neighborhood. Sometimes you’ll need to explain to them what goes into each of the bins and which one is meant for recycling.

Communication is everything. Be clear about how things are in your home so they clearly know what to do and what not to do. Do take note of things that irk you and write them down to make sure they are covered in your profile and “Welcome to our home” letter.

Host Israeli Travelers

Host Israeli Travelers – Don’t Obsessively Try to Convert Them

If you want to talk about religion or faith, that’s completely fine but be careful about overdoing it. Travelers will stop using these networks if they don’t enjoy the experience. There is an old saying, “People do not CARE how much you KNOW until first, they KNOW how much you CARE.

Our goal is to bless Israelis with the gift of Hospitality. High-pressure conversion doesn’t work on anyone. If you want to look at religious/Faith-based reasons to host Israelis you can press here; as you can see, our focus is a blessing. If Israeli travelers engage a conversation about faith, give them one, but the only way they would listen to you about this issue is if you give them 100% free love.

Can I offer extra help to Israeli Travelers?

Some hosts choose to pick up/drop off Israeli Travelers from airports, bus and train stations. You are under no obligation to do anything. Some of them provide additional help like using their toolbox or share a meal. Offering an Israeli anything obligation-free is unusual for Israeli’s. They will be very thankful but be careful, you will be recommended to other travelers internationally. Nevertheless, if you can’t help, no one is going to be bothered. It’s absolutely fine.

How to Host Israeli Travelers? 2

There Are Cultural Differences – Don’t Take It Personally

Cultural differences are very common whenever two different cultures meet. For example, New Zealanders and Israelis have different cultures; Israelis drive on the other side of the road, less polite (more straight forward), experienced Army service and many other life-changing experiences.

Some Israelis take a shower while wearing flip flops. Others tell weird jokes. Don’t take it personally if Israelis do something that’s considered bad in your culture; just explain what’s the common rules. If you let them know with a smile on your face, they will never take it to heart and really appreciate you telling them. Have we mentioned that communication is everything?

Host Israeli Travelers – Shouldn’t Be Hard

If Israeli travelers don’t follow your rules, you can tell them that this isn’t working out for you and send them to a different place. The odds of that happening are slim but it has happened and it will happen again. If it’s too much, there’s no commitment from the traveler or you; they can also leave whenever they want just as much as you don’t want them around. Different people mean different chemistry – It usually ends well but you can never know for sure.

The vast majority of hosts and travelers enjoy each other’s company. Israelis want to meet you and you want to meet them. That definitely means a great experience for you both.

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