How Often is Israel Attacked

How Often is Israel Attacked 1

Well… that’s a trick question. Israel has its days of wars, operations, and long battles. If you talk about rockets; that depends where you are and when are you coming. Nevertheless, Israel is a safe place. It’s safer than a lot of western world cities. Here’s some information about how often is Israel attacked.

how often israel is attacked

Attacked by Rockets

Israel has its fair shares of rockets and artillery being launched to populated towns and cities; even Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. I guess it depends; if Israel is in the middle of an operation in Gaza or in the northern border, there is going to be slight discomfort in traveling. Nevertheless, don’t let the alarm intimidate you. You should lie behind a wall with your face down or get into a bomb shelter though the chances of you getting hit by a rocket are minor. Israel has several rocket defense systems that defend its population from these rockets. There’s the Iron Dome, David’s Sling and The Arrow.

Israel isn’t usually attacked by Hamas. There are attacks once in a few months that last for several weeks or days but end quickly and usually without any civilian casualties.

how often israel is attacked 1
Iron Dome Launcher

Attacked by Knife

In the years 2015 and 2016 Israel experienced a wave of teenage and women terrorists attacking civilians with knives. There were several attempts of shooting; mostly on soldiers and not on civilians. After killing and capturing over 300 terrorists, the IDF stopped the crisis. The IDF controls most of the west bank which leads to no rocket attacks from this area, but more solo terrorists that have a lot of problems acquiring ammo.

The IDF infantry is very good at arresting terrorists, containing riots and preventing civilian casualties. Moreover, the local police deal very well with local crime organizations. Most of the Israeli crime organizations ceased to exist or are very weak. To be honest, there’s a bigger chance that you get hit from a car anywhere in the world than get involved in a terrorist attack or even get robbed.

How Often is Israel Attacked – Summary

There is nothing to be afraid of in Israel. The locals are a bit more stressed out, but you’ll find that happens more in urban areas and less in the Galil and the Negev. Just like any country, the more rural you go the calmer the people are; just like in a Moshav or Kibbutz. Nevertheless, Israel isn’t attacked very often and it’s very safe to hang around almost anywhere; even in west bank areas.

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