How Big is the Israeli Army

How Big is the Israeli Army 1

The Israeli army is big. It’s actually the 29th biggest army in the world. The population of Israeli is 8 million people, which means the IDF is one of the biggest armies in the world in comparison to its population. Let’s look at some of the statistics and understand how big is the Israeli army.

Amount of Soldiers

The Israeli Defense forces have 150 thousand enlisted people and most of them are in mandatory service. The Air Force alone has 38 thousand enlisted soldiers and 44 reserves*. There’s also a navy, big tank force, mortar and artillery force, infantry and many more cores. That’s a lot of soldiers, and you need to remember that there are around half a million reserve soldiers in the IDF.

How Big is the Israeli Army 2
IDF Jeep


Army of the People

If you read the comment down below, we have specified what are reserves. Moreover, Israel has a mandatory army service. Most of the teenagers in Israel

are getting drafted to the Israeli Defensive forces when they are 18 or 19. Men serve for two years and eight months. Women serve for two years. Some of the soldiers sign extra time as officers or non-commanding officers.

How Big is the Israeli Army

Relative Advantage

The IDF has the strongest air force in the middle east (even stronger than Turkish and Iranian air forces). The tanks can deflect anti-tank missals and the infantry goes though some of the best training to fight in residential areas. The Israeli navy has always won the war in the waters and never suffered casualties during the battles. If we just mention numbers, there are over 700 Israeli air crafts, over 2,500 tanks and 25 marine vessels (battleships and submarines). Israel has a short coastline and doesn’t need too big of a navy.

How Big is the Israeli Army – Summary

The answer is very big, in proportion to its size. Israel is surrounded by enemies and its getting attacked very often. That’s one of the reason most of the soldiers that leave the army just feel the need to get away and travel for a while. That’s why we are here – to host them.

*Reserves – Soldiers that completed their mandatory service but still being called to train and sometimes fight. They are called once in a while (depends on the job) while leaving their lives behind for several weeks.

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