5 Great Ways of Hosting Travelers in Your Home

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Are you interested in hosting travelers in your home? Well, there are plenty of options in the market that allow you to do that. We checked those apps and websites where you could sign up and start hosting in a very short time. Let’s write a little bit about them.

If you have a spare room or an empty apartment, you could really utilize it and host travelers from all around the world. Some of them even might set you up with a decent profit. Here are some of them, and we’ll also write about our own app.

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Hosting Travelers Regular Platforms

Air b&b

The most famous network of hospitality. People just offer a bed and charge it at a normal price. Unfortunately, there are more commitments; you must clean it regularly even if you don’t host travelers. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people that are making a significant profit out of it but it requires a lot of work and you will probably encounter a significant competition.

Couch Surfing

One of the most popular methods for hosting travelers. People from all around the world provide the gift of hospitality and usually asking nothing in return. Nevertheless, hosting travelers through this network would not get you any profit and you might get some uncomfortable residents. There are endless groups on Facebook for Couchsurfing; It’s not just an app, it’s also a common way of saying that you’re hosting people from abroad or that you want to be hosted and you don’t have the means for travel.


A famous platform where travelers are volunteering in hostels for a bed. The travelers are working for a bed, sometimes not even in hostels; farms and other places are also quite relevant.

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Hosting Israeli Travelers

There are a lot of platforms like owers that offer to host Israeli travelers. There are many reasons to love Israeli travelers; some of them are religious and some of them are actually more practical (they are usually more of adults than young travelers that just came out of high school, therefore easier to host).

Yesh – Hosting Israeli Travelers

The new hosting app is perfect for travelers and hosts alike. The travelers only a small fee for the connection to the host and the hosts don’t pay anything to the app. If they want to charge money they charge it straight from the travelers. The purpose of this idea was to make the platform connecting the hosts and travelers as the most comfortable and cheapest as it comes. Hosting travelers has never been so simple and easy.

This app is fairly new, but already very popular in New Zeland and Australia. It will become much more popular in the USA, South Africa, and Europe after the COVID 19 pandemic. You could download for Apple here or for Android here.

5 Great Ways of Hosting Travelers in Your Home 2


Free hosting of Israeli travelers. People from around the world host Israeli travelers mostly from a religious point of view. The network works already for 20 years but is not updated and some of the hosts changed their locations. Moreover, the Chiburim website isn’t mobile-friendly, and it’s the only method to get travelers in. Nevertheless, many travelers have used this network and had a great experience with the hosts.


A global network that requires payment out front for a specific amount of time. It’s free in some countries but isn’t updated in some others. The big advantage of this app that it is very comfortable to use on a laptop, but some of the host list isn’t updated and it’s really hard to work with on your mobile. Moreover, in order to be hosted you have to buy the entire database, even if you just want to use it once.