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If you love Israel, then hosting young Israeli travellers is a great way to meet people from Israel and learn about the country first-hand And you’ll have the opportunity to share your own local stories and knowledge.

From a spare room to a mattress in the lounge, or a place to park a van or a tent, it doesn't take much to be a host. If this seems like your kind of thing, download the app and keep reading!

Once you have downloaded the app...

Ok, now we have the app down loaded, There is the standard “adding your details“. Then we have to create a listing.

If at any point you are struggling with any aspect of the APP, 
0ur support people are ready to assist you by phone or, we can load your details for you.

Please ensure you have downloaded the app onto your phone before asking us to create your listing. 


Accommodation, Calendar, House Rules and Preferences

We have filters for the maximum number of guests, your availability, house rules, and any additional things you would like travelers to know, before arriving at your home.

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Set your Schedule

Going for a holiday? Hosting family members? Fill in the dates you can, and cannot host, to ensure you don’t get requests when you’re not free to host Israeli travelers.



Getting discrete alerts allows you to respond when you’re free. If there’s a traveler that’s looking for a place to stay; a notification will be sent to your phone.

You can chat with guests in the app to discuss arrival times, where to park, and even suggest places to visit on the way to your house.

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Take a look at their profile

All Israeli travelers undergo a verification process. Guests over 18 must fill in their profile to use the YESH APP. They give you as much information as they can about themselves, so you’ll know a little bit about them before you commit to having them stay in your home.

Personal details, like IDs or phone numbers, are hidden; but their names and public details are there to see in their ‘about me’ profile.


Chat before you meet

Chat with guests before they arrive, with a built in messenger service. Sometimes you need further details, and you can get them this way.

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