Hosting Israeli Travelers in the USA

Hosting Israeli Travelers in the USA 1

Every year, almost half a million Israeli travelers and Israeli tourists visit the USA. Some of them visit the east and the west coasts. Some get in a car and go for a road trip that includes every corner. There are many Israeli backpackers that come all the way from south and central America right into the land of opportunities.

Hosting Israeli Travelers in the USA

We wrote here in several pages why should we host Israeli travelers from many different aspects. We wrote about the story of Abraham, the added content that travelers bring to our lives and the pleasure we feel just by opening our home and our hearts by giving the gift of hosting. Let’s get to know the Israeli travelers that travel to America.

Amount of Israeli Tourists That Come to America

In 2018, 439,153 Israeli tourists visited the USA. They mostly use a regular visitor visa which lets them stay in the USA for 3 months. They have to present in the USA embassy evidence of sufficient finance, a purpose of coming back home and some basic knowledge in the English language, tested by an interviewer. The 439,153 Israelis that came to America had to go through this process to get into the USA.

Hosting Israeli Travelers in the USA

How Can We Host Israeli Travelers in the USA?

Well, thank you for asking. We can host Israeli travelers by downloading the Yesh app from the App Store or Google Play. Using the app saves you time and trouble by just filling your details: when can you host, how many people can you host, pictures of the house, verified travelers and many more options to get exactly what you need. If you’re interested in hosting Israeli travelers, Yesh is the app for you.

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