How YESH works

Meeting the needs in Hosting Israeli Travelers.

Whether you’ve been hosting Israelis or you’re looking into it. The Yesh app is possibly the easiest and best method to connect with travelers.

Likewise a Traveler will find the Yesh app easy and convenient.


Let’s explore some of the features from a Hosts perspective. 

  • Create a Listing is where we list a bed or two, tent space or campervan space.
  • List Home rules are vital so our guests no in advance what to do or not.
  • Scheduling the Calender is a very handy feature to block out dates your unavailable.
  • A request to stay is confirmed by you with a notification on your phone. Where you can tap the notification, check your calendar and then accept or reject the requested dates to stay.
  • Check a profile of a potential guest/s. All guests are pre-verified. We dont hold details of anyone under 18 and they cant use the service unless they are accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.
  • A confirmed booking will send a notification to the guest/s.
  • Messenger allows you to chat with a potential or booked guest.
  • 48 hours before the date of arrival your guests will be sent an email and notification with the dates, house rules and any additional notes you’d like them to know before they arrive.

We’ve explored safety as a priority. By keeping all conversations in the app,

By selecting the type of guests you prefer, for example, females only, married couples only, etc. You can feel comfortable that your home rules apply to guests or feel safe.

Your calendar can be changed in an instant ensuring you have total control of your time.


The features from a Guests perspective. 

A traveler, needs the flexibility to plan on the fly. An app allows you to request bookings wherever you can find wifi. Be it 3 months before you leave home or driving to your next destination.

Feeling safe at your destination is paramount. Yesh Hosts are your kibutz away from Kibutz!

Yesh hosts have one common them that makes them a great place to stay. For whatever their reason. Hosting Israeli travelers is exactly what they want to do.


How does the app work for Guests.

  • Rooms and beds or spaces are clearly listed.
  • House rules are very clear
  • Messaging Hosts ensures you can interact with each other about delays or ask specific questions about your stay.
  • Guarenteed savings in costs of accommodation.
  • Your Booking calendar allows you to see all your pending and confirmed booking in one place.
  • In app messaging saves confusion in communication over the phome