Yesh – Hosting Israeli Travelers

Donations FAQ


Why do we raise support?

We are a nonprofit organization and have no central funds. Staff members, including the director of Hosting Israeli Travellers, raise support to cover salaries, benefits, and expenses. We are inviting members to invest in the Hosting network through financial giving, and volunteer support.


When should I begin to send in contributions for a staff member?

It would be most helpful if you could start right away. We are keen to promote network of hosts.


How long am I expected to support Hosting Israelis?

That is a decision yours alone. Our desire is that you would support the network for as long as you chose to do so. We want to build relationships with our partners. We’re in this together!


Will a small gift help?

Yes! It is a delight to take a gift and multiply it in reaching more hosts. Every gift, no matter how small, is also a great encouragement to us. Financial partners are made up of those who give small single gifts and those who give larger regular gifts. What you decide to give is your choice alone.


Where does all my support go too?

All contributions are managed and dispensed by The organisation and used for three major categories:

  • Administrative expenses, such as marketing and promotions.
  • Helping to fund Hosting Israeli Travellers app.
  • Staff expenses
  • 06.

    How do I start or change a recurring gift?

    You can set up a recurring bank transfer by contacting your bank in person or online. If you wish to change a bank transfer you may be able to edit or cancel it online or you may need to contact your bank.
    You can set up a recurring gift using a credit or debit card by clicking the button below. If you have already set up a recurring gift as a credit or debit card transaction and wish to change it, just let us know and we’ll help you with the change.