Do Israelis speak Arabic? Do Israeli Speak English? Do Israelis Speak Hebrew?

Do Israelis speak Arabic? Do Israeli Speak English? Do Israelis Speak Hebrew? 1

What’s the main language spoken Israel? Do they speak more than one language? There are 2 formal languages in Israel: Hebrew and Arabic. Israelis speak Hebrew and Arab Israeli speak Arabic. Let’s learn in what language we need to use when we host Israeli travelers.

Israelis Speak Hebrew

The modern Zionist Hebrew is very similar to Bible written Hebrew. Its sources are from Semitic languages, like Aramaic and has variants of Yidish, Polish, Russian and German. A lot of modern-day words were borrowed from western culture. The Academy of the Hebrew language tries to blend in more Hebrew based words into the Hebrew language but the day to day language is more of a mixture.

Every Israeli speaks Hebrew; it’s the common native language. Israeli Arabs speak Hebrew, too. Nevertheless, Israel is a recent immigration country (Aliiah, the population growth of Israel during the 21st, 20th and late 19th centuries) and many Hebrew linguistics found western and Arabic language influence on the modern Hebrew.

Israelis speak Hebrew

Most Israelis Don’t Speak Arabic

Some Israelis learn some Arabic in junior high and some old Israelis speak some Arabic, but most Israeli travelers don’t speak Arabic. The only people in Israel that speak Arabic in Israel are the Arab-Israeli civilians. Some of the slang in Israeli travelers comes from Arabic but Israelis are Hebrew speakers. There are some travelers that went to the intelligence core during their service and they speak Arabic (mostly literary Arabic) but all speak Hebrew.

Israelis speak Hebrew

Most Israelis Speak English

Most Israelis learn English from the age of 8 (3RD grade) and speak good English. That means that every Israeli would know basic language and you could communicate with all of the Israelis. Some of them are shy and forgot some of the material due to the mandatory army service but they can understand you.

Russian and other languages

There are other languages spoken in Israel, too. The Demolition of the Berlin Wall caused many Soviet Union Jews to come to Israel; meaning the Russian language is common. Some of the Hasidic and Haredi Jews speak Yiddish because they believe Hebrew was only meant for the Bible. In some places, Romanian and Ladino (form of Spanish) are spoken and so is Polish, Amharic and Tigrinya (by Ethiopian Jews).


Israelis speak Hebrew, some Arabic, English and another language – depends where they came from and if it was recently. As you might figured out, I doesn’t really matter where they are from. you can communicate with Israelis very easily.

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