COVID 19 Lockdown in New Zealand for an Israeli Traveler – Day 15

COVID 19 Lockdown in New Zealand for an Israeli Traveler - Day 15 1

After having two Passovers – one with my family and one right here (with a lovely host) It’s time for me to write a little bit about the people I’ve talked to and some of my inner thoughts about the situation. Day 15 out of 35 (that were originally 28). He’s a little bit about the life of an Israeli traveler during the COVID 19 Lockdown in New Zealand.

COVID 19 Lockdown in New Zealand

The government of New Zealand is doing some terrific job in containing and handling this COVID 19 crisis. There were only 50 new cases today, the lowest number in two weeks and it just keeps decreasing. The vast majority of people here are recovering from the virus and most of the population in New Zealand follow government orders to stay home as much as possible. New Zealand is approaching winter and is afraid of the numbers going up again. Nevertheless, I feel like I’m in the best place to be.

Covid 19 Lockdown in New Zealand 2

COVID 19 in Israel

Unlike New Zealand, Israel still has a lot of problems with the virus, mostly with the Hasidic Jews. A lot of them decided not to listen to orders from the government and now consist of over 50% of the sick people. If you ever lived in Israel, that wouldn’t surprise you. These people aren’t connected to technology and they don’t care about what’s going on around them in the secular world. As a result, the Israeli government has closed cities that contain a lot of Hasidic Jews like Bnei Brak, Beitar and some neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

My family is just fine. My Mom is an essential worker, so she has a job, My twin brother has his own business, which is still running. My big brother is working from home as one of his best friends lives in the building nearby. They decided to put a slackline between them; I’ll let you know how that experience ended up.

COVID 19 Lockdown in New Zealand for an Israeli Traveler - Day 15 2


Contacting with Some Friends and Finding Job Opportunities

Some of my buddies have decided to find a new job as translators, content writers and transcripts. It’s quite fun; every day they ask me for advice about how to write things properly or how to convey the right message. One of them, Alon, started doing transcripts for the Justice Department in New South Wales. By the way, he isn’t a native Australian accent English speaker and he’s having a rough time. It reminds me of the times I was traveling in Australia myself.

Out of boredom, I started searching my email for old translation jobs that I did. They reminded me a person wanted me to translate an academic article about 4000 words long. I contacted them and got the job. I have translated two books in my life, so I have a lot of confidence in this project, too.

Covid 19 Lockdown in New Zealand 3


Two Passover Meals

I’m currently staying with a wonderful host named Pam. Pam’s a Christian, but she understands the meaning of connecting Jews and Christians more than any host I’ve ever stayed with. Thanks for her, we have done Shabbat meals and tonight we’re going to celebrate the Exodus; right here in New Zealand.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be celebrating Passover with my family back home. I’ll have to get up at 5 in the morning, turn on the computer and drink 4 cups on wine, instead of having regular breakfast. Unfortunately, you can’t stay with family in these virus times, so you make the best of whatever you can. If it was up to me, I would celebrate Passover with Rabbi Aharon in Auckland or with other Israeli travelers in New Zealand.

I wasn’t ready for this, But I’m optimistic

New Zealand has a great record of bringing itself up from devastating events, like the Christchurch earthquake. I believe we can manage to pull through during these rough times and I’ll be able to say hello to my family in no time.