COVID-19 Lockdown: An optimistic approach to the end of the Travel ban

COVID-19 Lockdown: An optimistic approach to the end of the Travel ban 1

Countries around the world are in a state of lockdown to help limit the spread of SARS-CoV-19. However, as the number of new daily confirmed cases begins to decrease, governments must decide how to release their populations from quarantine as efficiently as possible without overwhelming their health services.

The Susceptible-Exposure-Infection-Recovery (SEIR) model framework for a potential lockdown release strategy, focusing on limiting recurrent spread to end quarantine for the entire population simultaneously is a high-risk strategy. But gradual re-integration approaches are taking place around the world.

The number of new daily confirmed cases are reaching a sufficiently low threshold and countries are gradually allowing different fractions of those in lockdown to re-enter the new norm including a return to inter-city, regional and country restrictions are lifting. What does this mean for hosts of Israeli travelers?

A post lockdown culture

A lot of things need to change for hosts now. The old ways of taking phone calls and having guests turn up without taking precautions doesn’t seem to be the best option in today’s date. It’s now time for hosting Israeli Travelers to start thinking about their approach once the lockdown eases or is over.

To understand this in a better way, let’s quickly check out some of the changes that have to take place that will impact us in the long run.

1. Before , travelers think about staying in our homes we need to be vett for health much more strictly. As a host, we too want these assurances. We want to know if, on arrival into the country our guests have had 14 days of clear health.

2. We need to be able to make my home unavailable and uncontactable when I want too and fast to protect my own health, our family and ensure guests are not exposed too or threatened by our own health concerns.

Important Points for Hosts to Consider Post Lockdown Period.

1. Make sure your family home is safe and sanitized. If anyone at home is unwell, mark your calendar as unavailable in the Yesh App. If you belong to multiple hosting providers. Let them know that you will be using the app and to make contact with Yesh to coordinate when you are or are not available. We are not anyone’s competition. We built the app for all hosting providers. They should comply with your request. If not, remove your details until your sure you are ready to continue hosting guests in your home.

2. Update your profile to let travelers know your house rules. Guests will agree to them in the app before requesting to stay in your home.

3. Message travelers in the app of any change of situation before arrival. If you need to cancel. Simply message them and unbook them in the app. They will get a message, email and notification on their phone letting them know. You can be assured that guests only get your address details within 48 hours of arrival. So, if you’ve cancelled a booking before 48 hours of the date of arrival. They would not have received your address details before 48 hours of their expected arrival. So, they just can’t turn up. Don’t worry, we also get the cancellation messages and contact guests to arrange a replacement stay with another host.

4. Implementing measures for ensuring safety.

If you become unwell while a guest is staying, contact us immediately. We have native Hebrew speakers on staff who can effectively explain to travelers the situation and arrange suitable accommodation asap. Your safety and Israeli travelers safety is a major concern for us as well. We do have safe homes that can be used for isolation and contact local authorities including the consulate to assist with Israelis who may need to be checked and quarantined.

Final Words

The lockdown happening due to COVID-19 across the world won’t be staying for a very long time. Many hosts have already given up on hosting, and with every passing day, everyone is growing anxious about when they can go back to hosting Israeli travelers.

Though forcing people to stay inside their homes, enforcing travel bans and inter city travel looked like a harsh decision, it was vital to stop the spread of the virus. Even if normalcy returns, it’ll be a very faint one until there emerges a cure for this disease. Ultimately, it is all on us and what measures we take that would keep ourselves safe in this crisis.

The above were a few points that I believe every host should consider for keeping everyone safe whilst Hosting Israeli Travelere during the post lockdown period.

Also, we would welcome you to add more to our list of things to consider if you have some better concerns that should be addressed hosts in the comments section below.