14 Common Sentences in Hebrew for Hosting Israeli Travelers

Common Sentences in Hebrew

You have decided to host Israeli travelers. You have opened your hearts and homes, but you still want to communicate with the Israeli travelers. Unfortunately, we do not host Hebrew lessons, but we do have an Israeli writer in our staff that can teach you some common sentences in Hebrew that would make the traveler that you host feel more comfortable.

For the record, most Israelis speak fluent or basic English and that would probably be the preferable method to communicate with them. Nevertheless, you can make them feel at home and have a nice conversation with them.

We divided this into 2 chards, with 7 common sentences in Hebrew in each. According to leading psychological research, you could only learn 7 pieces of information every time.

14 Common Sentences in Hebrew for Hosting Israeli Travelers

Greeting and Saying Goodbye

First of all, we should learn how to say hi and bye when they come into our doors and leave back to their trips.


Hebrew Hebrew pronounced in English

Hello and Goodbye, peace




להתראות Lehitra’ot





ברוך הבא

Baruch Haba

Happy Holiday!

חג שמח!

Chag Sameach

You’re invited

אתה מוזמן

את מוזמנת

אתם מוזמנים

Ata Muzman (Sin, Male)

Aat Muzmenet (Sin, Fem)

Atem Muzmanim (Plu, Ma)

Good luck!



These words are common when you welcome or say goodbye to an Israeli Traveler. Get ready, you might face some curious facial expressions from the Israeli travelers when you hear them. If you explain it to them that you have learned a few words in Hebrew, they would probably smile and teach you some other ones.

Common Questions

Sometimes travelers would come to your homes after spending the last few days after a track in various places. Some of them after a long drive; sometimes hours and hours behind the wheel.


Hebrew Hebrew pronounced in English

How are you?

מה שלומך?

Ma Shlomcha?

Is everything OK?

הכל בסדר? Hakol Beseder?

Where did you come from?

מאיפה באתם?

Meifo Batem?

How’s business?

מה העניינים?

Ma Ha’enyanim?

What’s happening?

מה קורה?

Ma Koreh?

What’s the situation?

מה המצב?

Ma Hamatzav?

How’s the car?

איך האוטו?

Eich Ha’oto?

You could ask these questions in order to engage a conversation. You could also ask how was their last trip (Eich Haya Hatiyul Ha’acharon) and many other relevant questions. They will also laugh a little bit and try to tell you what happened to them.

Why Should We Host Israeli Travelers in Our Home

Hosting travelers, not just from Israel, makes you learn about different cultures around the world without getting out of home, and sometimes even make a little bit of profit. You can talk about different approaches toward life and maybe even learn something new. Israeli travelers would love to be hosted by you because they come from a different environment.

Israeli travelers look for new experiences and are very open-minded. After experiencing the Israeli culture and blending in the most Israeli organization in the world; the IDF. They want to meet people that don’t come from the same background.

Israeli travelers are very grateful. A lot of countries in the world don’t allow Israelis in and a lot of people aren’t fond of Israel. Due to these reasons, Israeli travelers love it if someone just tells them that they are welcomed. They don’t take your kindness for granted, and they will probably be more grateful.

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