Cities in Israel and the Capital of Israel

Tel Aviv

There are many cities in Israel – almost 80 big and small cities. Here are 4 main areas and the main cities in Israel. There are also kibbutzim, moshavim and community settlements. We’re going to focus here on the urban side of Israel.

Cities in Israel 3

Jerusalem – The Capital of Israel

Jerusalem is the very spiritual city; holy to the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religion. It has the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Al Aqsa Mosque and many more. The city is very pluralistic; it has religious and secular Jews, Muslim Arabs and Christians. On the one hand, it has wonderful markets and a very authentic feeling. On the other, it’s very modern and has its own trams.

The social dynamic is very interesting in Jerusalem and a good topic for conversation. Moreover, the holy city is so close which means the traveler will know a lot about these religions.

Jerusalem – Ancient City

Tel Aviv / Gosh Dan – The Biggest Metropolitan Area

4 Million Israeli people live in Gosh Dan; about 50% of Israel’s population. In the area of Gosh Dan, there’s the Tel Aviv; Israel’s unstoppable city. Most of the residents in this area are secular Jews and it’s the modern cultural and artistic center of Israel. You could learn a lot about the Israeli settlement before the 1948 war of independence. You could hang out in the best clubs and bars in the middle east.

People from that area are mostly very Urban and modern. Try to talk to them about the way of life in an urban environment and how’re the beaches. Maybe throw in a comment about parking and let them talk about it for an hour.

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Jaffa and Tel Aviv Beach


Haifa is the biggest city in the north. There are many other cities (Tiberias, Tzfat, Karmie’l) but Haifa is most industrious and more populated. It has 5th biggest harbor in the Middle East and the beautiful Bahá’í Gardens. It’s the only city where public transportation works on Saturday and Friday night.

Ask people from Haifa about “The End of the World”, hiking and dining in the north and the beautiful Achziv beach. Haifa, just like Jerusalem, was built on mountains so the ups and downs are a fun conversation starter, too. It’s also right next to the beach with great sea view sunsets.

Haifa’s Harbor

Be’er Sheva

The Capital of the Negev. The very beautiful desert city that was the stoppage point for merchandise from Asia and Africa. It has a lovely old city and a local big university that keeps the city alive at night. It’s also the main stopping point of soldiers coming and going to their southern army bases. Be’er Sheva’s main station is crowded with soldiers during Sunday and Friday mornings and Thursday nights.

The city is surrounded by Bedouin villages. You could ask about the city of training bases, the Bedouins culture around them and the charm of this desert beauty.

Cities in Israel 1
Ottoman Empire bridge in Be’er Sheva


Cities in Israel – Summary

There are other cities in Israel that have their own charm; Ashdod, Netanya, Eilat (Holiday city) and so on. You could check information about every city through the city hall link we have put in the headings. Every Israeli has been in each one of those cities; therefore each one of them could be a great conversation starter. Every country has its own religious specialty and we actually wrote about religions in Israel.

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