Helping Israelis during the Lockdown

Helping Israelis during the Lockdown

When it was hard to find a solution, we were there. When all the doors slammed shut, Yesh was there to open them. At the beginning of COVID 19 lockdown, we had no app, and Israeli travelers had to go to several places and find different arrangements for a month of no travel. We were helping Israelis during the lockdown, and we still are. On Israel’s independence day, we drove all the way to Tauranga and visited the Israeli travelers for Israel’s independence day.

Young Israelis that Travel the World and How to Meet Them – 3 great facts about young Israelis

Young Israelis

Over 60,000 young Israelis travel for six months around the world, after finishing their military service. They travel all around the world; young Israelis travel to Sound America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, South East Asia, and many other wonderful destinations. They usually save some money after their military service, take a little time off, and then go on an airplane and leave for 6 months (on average). You could meet them easily if you just download our hosting Israeli travelers app, which would connect between you and the young adults from the Jewish Middle Eastern country.

ANZAC Day – מידע למטייל

anzac day 5

פעם בשנה, לאוסטרליה וניו זילנד יש יום שנקרא יום האנז””ק, לזכר חללי צבאות אוסטרליה וניו זילנד. ביום הזה, יש טקסים הנערכים ברחבי המדינה, לזכר הנופלים בעיקר במלחמות העולם השונות בהן חיילים רבים קיפחו את חייהם כנגד מדינות הציר ומעצמות המרכז. הנה קצת מידע על ANZAC Day, ומה אתם תראו ביום הזה, בעיקר בשעת הזריחה.

Are Israelis White? Are Israelis Asian? What’s the Race of the Israelis?

ARE israelis white? are israelis Asian? 8

When some people meet Israelis, they don’t really know what to expect. I’ve been asked a lot by a lot of people: “are Israelis White?” “Are Israelis Asian?”. Well, the ethnicity of Israeli Jews isn’t that simple, and I’m here to clear it out for you guys, so you could know what to expect when an Israeli Traveler knocks on your door. In other words. where did the Jews of Israel go after the destruction of the Second Temple?

The Ten Plagues

The Ten Plagues

According to the Biblical story, God brought down ten plagues on Egypt. As a gesture to this Passover, we’ll write them down right here and explain each one of them. After you read them we recommend you look at how to have a Passover Seder.