Ethiopian Jews

Ethiopian Jews in Israel

1.7% of the Israeli population consists of Ethiopian Jews, also known as Beta Israel members. They lived quite separately from other Jewish communities and have different customs, and they pray differently. Some of the Sfaradic Rabis even called them the decedents of the Dan tribe, but they are definitely an active part of the Jewish culture, community, and way of life. Here’s some great information about the Ethiopian Jews of Israel.

Hosting Travelers quotes

5 Strange Hosting Travelers Quotes with Explanation

We write a lot about hosting Israeli travelers, but how should we do it and why should we do it? We decided to go through literature, history, and several other places on the web and find hosting travelers quotes that might fit you the best. We thought we might just bring it over with a little explanation that you might add, so you could even put it on a sticker. Who knows? We might even get you a sticker of hosting Israeli travelers with a quote like that.

hosting travelers 3

5 Great Ways of Hosting Travelers in Your Home

Are you interested in hosting travelers in your home? Well, there are plenty of options in the market that allow you to do that. We checked those apps and websites where you could sign up and start hosting in a very short time. Let’s write a little bit about them.

beaches in Israel

The 8 Best Beaches in Israel

They say the sun is good for your health. Fortunately, one of the best things in Israel are the beaches. If you ever go to Israel, you would encounter a variety of beaches; some of them are very crowded, and some of them are nice and quiet. Here are the top 10 beaches in Israel from a local that used to surf and still dives.

Helping Israelis during the Lockdown

Helping Israelis during the Lockdown

When it was hard to find a solution, we were there. When all the doors slammed shut, Yesh was there to open them. At the beginning of COVID 19 lockdown, we had no app, and Israeli travelers had to go to several places and find different arrangements for a month of no travel. We were helping Israelis during the lockdown, and we still are. On Israel’s independence day, we drove all the way to Tauranga and visited the Israeli travelers for Israel’s independence day.

Israel Currency

Israel Currency – Amazing History Told by Coins

Today, we know the New Israel Shekel is the current currency in Israel. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the first Israeli currency. There were several others; from Biblical times (silver coins were very popular) till our modern days. Here are several kinds of Israel Currency until our days.

Young Israelis

Young Israelis that Travel the World and How to Meet Them – 3 great facts about young Israelis

Over 60,000 young Israelis travel for six months around the world, after finishing their military service. They travel all around the world; young Israelis travel to Sound America, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, South East Asia, and many other wonderful destinations. They usually save some money after their military service, take a little time off, and then go on an airplane and leave for 6 months (on average). You could meet them easily if you just download our hosting Israeli travelers app, which would connect between you and the young adults from the Jewish Middle Eastern country.

anzac day 5

ANZAC Day – מידע למטייל

פעם בשנה, לאוסטרליה וניו זילנד יש יום שנקרא יום האנז””ק, לזכר חללי צבאות אוסטרליה וניו זילנד. ביום הזה, יש טקסים הנערכים ברחבי המדינה, לזכר הנופלים בעיקר במלחמות העולם השונות בהן חיילים רבים קיפחו את חייהם כנגד מדינות הציר ומעצמות המרכז. הנה קצת מידע על ANZAC Day, ומה אתם תראו ביום הזה, בעיקר בשעת הזריחה.