Best Things to Do in The Golan Heights

The Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is one of the most beautiful places in Israel. It has the highest mountains in Israel and you could learn a lot about the history between Syria and Israel. Here are several places you could go that would make you enjoy your weekend in the northern part of Israel.

The Golan Trail

Dormant volcanoes, rivers, and amazing views. This 5 days hike shows you everything the Golan Heights has to offer. You’ll see pools in the mountains, go through Druze villages and even huge windmills. There are several moshavim and kibbutzim on the way where you could supply yourselves with food and water. The roads are quite easy and if you could carry some equipment on you are in for a treat.

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Mount Hermon

The highest mountain in Israel. If you’re into ski and snowboard you could try it out. There’s also a lift that takes you right to the top where you could play with snow. The mountain is very popular among Israelis, especially during clear sky winter days. Don’t forget; it’s going to be a cold experience.

Mitzpe Gadot

A viewing point where you could understand the Syrian army advantage over the IDF. This place was bombed constantly by the Syrian army but its strategic importance was crucial. When the Alexandroni IDF forces conquered this place, their commanding officer said: “From here, you look seven times bigger”.

Banias River

Another tourist attraction right next to Hermon Mountain. This place is filled with people during the summer, especially during weekends (Friday and Saturday). Try to go there in the middle of the week and enjoy the clean cold water that Mount Hermon can give you. You could also see one of the tallest waterfalls in Israel – 10 meters tall.

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Mount Bental

Mount Bental is 1,171 meters high and you could see from its parts of southern Syria, southern Lebanon and a lot from the Golan. There’s an IDF stronghold on top of an old Syrian stronghold. If you’ll ask a guide, he’ll tell you that you could see some of the Syrian civil war; tanks and infantry moving around and intense fighting. The mountain is located right next to Marom Golan and right next to it you could see a military base.

Yehudia River

3 hours round hike through one of the most amazing rivers in Israel. The water in the river comes from several mountains around the Golan Heights and Syria. You could jump into the water, have a great swim and enjoy the waterfall on your shoulders. Before you go on the hike, make sure that the route is open. Israeli winter is a little rougher in these areas which makes the route sometimes impossible.

Mitzpe Ofir

A memorial that was built in the memory of a boy that died from liver failure. It’s a great viewpoint to the sea of Galilee and there are some war relics in there like Syrian bonker and canon. It’s beautiful and great to sit there for lunchtime and it doesn’t require too much of a hike.

Tel Dan Nature and Historic Reserve

Combining nature and historic structures, the Tel Dan Reserve offers a glimpse into ancient times. It was founded 7,500 years ago and its relics are quite astonishing; the city walls survived till the modern age. You could also find the Dan river, which flows down to Hula Vally. The river has its own qualities and you might even go for a swim.

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El Al River

The El Al river is located in the southern part of the Golan. It offers a great trail, good swim and some waterfalls on the way. You could find a nice combination of Purple and Gold vegetation, great pools to swim in and a great time. Most of the people take the circular hike of 11 km. It’s going to take you up to 5 hours to finish it unless you want to enjoy and swim a little bit.

The Golan Heights Are Wonderful

Israel is a fantastic place to travel in. When I was a child, I went to the Golan every other week and had so much fun. You could travel for ages in Israel and have a great time. If you enjoyed your time in Israel maybe you could even host Israel travelers and you could talk to them about the great trip you had.