The Kimberley Coast

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The Kimberley is Western Australia’s sparsely settled northern region. It’s known for large swaths of wilderness defined by rugged ranges, dramatic gorges, semi-arid savanna and a largely isolated coastline. The mostly unsealed (unpaved) Gibb River Road runs 660km through the region’s heart, passing by Windjana Gorge National Park, which has towering limestone cliffs and pools where […]

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Post-COVID travel to NZ high on the list for Israelis

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How are people feeling about travel in a post-COVID world?  The coronavirus pandemic wasn’t like other great worldwide tragedies. The deadly problem quietly made its way around the world, devastating individuals, families, business and countries as it grew into a global health crisis.and as the reality of the situation moved from just another news story, […]

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COVID-19 Lockdown: An optimistic approach to the end of the Travel ban

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Countries around the world are in a state of lockdown to help limit the spread of SARS-CoV-19. However, as the number of new daily confirmed cases begins to decrease, governments must decide how to release their populations from quarantine as efficiently as possible without overwhelming their health services. The Susceptible-Exposure-Infection-Recovery (SEIR) model framework for a […]


Hosting Israeli Travelers in the USA

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Every year, almost half a million Israeli travelers and Israeli tourists visit the USA. Some of them visit the east and the west coasts. Some get in a car and go for a road trip that includes every corner. There are many Israeli backpackers that come all the way from south and central America right […]