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Israeli Backpacker Reputation

Israeli Backpacker Reputation

Let's learn a little bit about the Israeli backpacker; what do people think about him and what kind of people you might get bumped into (but probably not) when you host Israeli backpackers. Here's the Israeli backpacker reputation from a former Israeli backpacker.
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טיפים למטייל בבית של מארח

הרבה מאוד מהאנשים שיארחו אתכם הם אנשים מתרבות מאוד שונה. כדאי מאוד שנדע איך להתנהג מולם. הנה כמה טיפים למטייל שמתארח בבית של מארח.

Why Should We Host Israeli Travelers? Religious point of view

There are many reasons why we should host Israeli travelers and bless them. Here are 3 religious reasons why we should bless and host Israeli travelers. The YESH app would even make it easy on you.
Tel Aviv

Cities in Israel and the Capital of Israel

There are many cities in Israel – almost 80 big and small cities. Here are 4 main areas and the main cities in Israel. There are also kibbutzim, moshavim and community settlements. We're going to focus here on the urban side of Israel.
Israel Religion

Israel People Religion

In order to understand Israel, we need to understand the religion of the people in Israel (hint – not all of them are Jewish). Lets understand the main religions in Israel in a short bit.

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