Yesh – Hosting Israeli Travelers

A Mobile Phone App?

It’s a travel app for hosting Israeli travelers. We are the only country by country support network for those who host Israeli travelers, and help make the journey easier for those who are traveling.

Why Israeli guests?

If you love Israel and Israelis, hosting Israeli travelers is a lovely way to meet people from Israel. You’ll have the opportunity to share stories and local knowledge, while you learn about Israel from Israelis.

Who can host Israelis?

From a mattress in the lounge, a spare room, or a place to park a van or a tent. If this seems like your kind of thing, give us a call, and we can chat about how to make it happen.

Chat about Hosting

Do you have a million questions? We are local, and we are active with hosts. Why not send us a message and we will call you?

Technology fears

Let us manage bookings for you! When someone wants to stay, we will call you and check if it’s convenient.

Already Hosting

Fantastic! We are not an organization. The App is free for everyone and any organization to use. It’s not associated with anything and is completely free for all to use….the way it should be, right?

Yesh! You found the site for Hosting Israeli Travelers

You are moments away from joining the most significant change in Hosting Israeli Travelers. Fill out the form with your contact details, and you will be sent a link to download our app called Yesh – Hosting Israeli Travelers.

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Yifat from Yesh

Yifat Goddard

National Coordinator & Speaker

On behalf of the organization, I would like to express my gratitude to the many hosts who support Hosting Israeli Travelers all over the world: through hosting, financial giving, as well as the many Israeli travelers who are using the travel app. Your faithful support for the Yesh Hosting Israeli Travelers App has truly made it a success.

I hope to introduce the Yesh App internationally, covering every eligible nation so that Israelis can benefit from the app in life-long friendships with hosts who are offering accommodation. 

If at any point you would like to partner with us in the expansion into a new country, please contact me directly at:

Invite us to speak, topics:


Judaism and Christianity

Middle East conflict and political updates

God’s heart for Israel (has she been replaced?)

Current and Future Projects

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Hosts Travel to Israel

We gathered information, and have experienced Israeli instructors who will show you the ins and outs of the only Hebrew speaking country in the world.

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Buy, Sell, Swap

We encourage you to sell or donate things that you don’t need, through a designated online market for Israeli travelers and hosts. Everything from cars, fishing gear, diving equipment, books, and more.

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What do I need to do to start hosting Israeli travelers?

Not that much. Our app gives you the chance to host Israeli travelers wherever you are and provide whatever you can. A couch could be enough, or even some room on your lawn or driveway would be amazing.

How do I do it?

You just download our app through the App store or the Play Store, and you could start hosting Israeli travelers using the smartphone in your hand.

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