9 Great Things to do in The Negev


The Negev is the most unpopulated area in Israel but is filled with top-notch attractions. If you go to the Negev you’ll see one of the most beautiful deserts in the middle east. Here are several things you could do in the Negev.

Go to The Dead Sea

One of the biggest attractions in Israel in the Dead Sea. It contains 34.2% salt and if you get into it, you’ll float. You could also put on some nice mud; it is known for reviving and helps the skin. The Dead Sea is the lowest surface area in the world standing in -430 meters below sea level. The area is filled with luxury hotels and you better take advantage of it – the dead sea is retreating over 1 meter every year. If this continues to happen, there will be no water left. The weather is very hot and averages 31 degrees celsius on average (could reach 40).

great things to do in the negev


The big ancient fortress right next to the Dead Sea was built by King Herod. It had many halls and several water solutions that provided the fortress resources to maintain itself. When the Sicarii Jews had it, they held it tight against the Roman army and committed suicide in order to prevent themselves from being captured and turned into gentiles. If you go there you could find out all about that story yourselves; going up the battery and going down through the snakes’ path. There’s also a lift to the top if you don’t want to take the trail.

9 Great Things to do in The Negev 1

Beduin Hospitality

There are some places that offer Beduin hospitality. You will ride camels, sleep in tents and eat customary Beduin food. You can do it in several places across the Negev but be warned; you better take a recommendation and go to a proper business. The hospitality is quite fun and special experience is granted.

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Bedouin Camels

Watch the Stars in Makhtesh Ramon

Right down the Makhtesh Ramon, you could find the best places to watch the stars and have a beautiful night in the desert. Make sure you turn off the fire and turn off everything so your eyes could adjust to the dark. Be’erot is one of the places you could see this wonderful beauty, but make sure you have good GPS and you know your way back.

9 Great Things to do in The Negev 2
Road 40 and the Milky Way

Be’er Sheva

The capital of the Negev. This city has a lot of history behind it; right from ancient times through modern days. You could find bridges from the Ottoman Empire and houses from the Iron age. The city also has many culinary options and you could hang out there easily, especially if the Be’er Sheva University has a short holiday.

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Holiday city. No taxes on most of the goods, hotels and hostels, great beach and great market. This is Israel’s holiday town; many Israeli and foreign tourists come to this place from all around the world. The city of Eilat sits on the Red sea; a great place for fishing, diving and observing great hot water sea life.

You could hike in the Mountains of Eilat but be warned; bring heeps of water and sun protection. Eilat is very hot and dry in the Israeli summer. There are great paths and walks to do around the area so you better reach the information area in Eilat in order to get proper help and introduction.

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Kibbutz Sde Boker

Come and learn about Israel’s first prime minister – David Ben Gurion. The controversial prime minister that helped to establish Israel in the 20th century was buried here with his wife. His house is just around the corner and you could learn a lot about Israel by visiting the person that beat 5 Arab armies using one small Israeli one.

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Ein Namer – Tiger’s Eye

In Hebrew, Tiger’s Eye water source is one of the roughest and most fun places to visit. After hiking for 5 kilometers, you find a small water fountain inside a rock. The water is nice and cold; you deserve this kind of pleasure after the hike. Make sure you take a map with you that shows you where to walk. The paths are marked with black, blue and red stripes but that’s not always going to be enough. Make sure you bring 3 liters of water with you.

Genesis hotel

If you were looking for a place with a great view combined with beautiful ancient design you should book a room in Genesis. It’s a luxury hotel that provides you with plenty of ideas of what to do in the middle of the desert. Some couples go there just to see the sunrise on Makhtesh Ramon. One of the best ways to end the day.

Can we do other great things in the Negev?

Definitely yes. Yotvata is well known for its wonderful ice cream and there are many hikes and 4×4 options in the Negev. The traveling options are endless and Israel and there is much stuff to do. If you want an Israeli to tell you all about it, sign up to our app and host Israeli travelers. The app is free, and you could charge as much as you want for the hospitality.